Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Autumn is here?

Yet another day of rain in August. I think the Summer has well and truly snuffed it and it is early Autumn already.

Not that we care at all - we just wrap up accordingly and carry on - it would be daft not to. We are soooo obssessed with weather orientation in the UK - wherever you go you will always hear conversation regarding the inclement weather:
"Ooooh it's been raining for five days now, our Mary!" said in total shock by some elderly mac-clad lady.
I mean, for god's sake, this is Britain - you would think everyone would be used to the constant pour down of dirty grey rain. And then, when the weather dare reveal some sunshine and high temperatures, we all have a total meltdown and can't cope in such blistering climate.
But then, you will always still see the little old lady from the corner house trotting down to the shop in her winter coat..."Just in case of rain, love."

I seem to have spent the last three days in the kitchen. We have made some fab caramelised chutney from a recipe I found on http://www.self-sufficient.co.uk/Make-Caramelised-Onion-Chutney.htm

which has almost gone. Sod the 'leave for four to six weeks to mature for best flavours' aye alright then, that certainly wasn't going to happen in our house. "Please have some more chut-en-ay mummy!" from child, surprisingly. I thought it might have been a bit too tart for her, but she loved it. With fresh Tiger bread and chunks of cheese. Bloody lovely!

And then we made some yummy gingerbread people,

who taste lovely. I think I ate most of the icing sugar, hence the sparsely-decorated other tray of gingerbread I didn't photograph...

We also saw the Red Arrows take off from Blackpool Airport on Saturday. Pixie snored her way through the lot, but it was great to see for those of us who stayed awake.
The pictures are pretty cack to be honest. By the time we had got the camera ready, the Arrows had formed into threes and were ready for take off, the camera batteries died.
I had the idea of using my mobile phone's camera, but could I get it right? Could I sherbert. The camera vision is back to front somehow, and I could only see buildings, which were nowhere near the planes. I got seriously confused and I spent most of the take-off spectacular, fiddling and didn't take one picture - I couldn't find the planes through the camera and it was a true imbecile moment for me. Good job DH has the mental capacity to press 'take' on the camera and get a good picture. More than his bird-brain wife...


Jem said...

I love your gingerbread people :0)

nocton4 said...

yummy gingerbread people and I adore your banner picture, beautiful

Becks said...

I guess it helps to have the Northern attitude to the rain! It's so usual up lets just get on with it!
Lovely pictures. XX