Sunday, 30 November 2008

Recycle, Reclaim!

Here are some piccies of my recent jewellery-making session, using reclaimed and recycled materials for the most (save the findings) and have produced some pretty cool bits!

Coolest Blue
A memory coil bracelet consisting of lapis lazuli beads and Czech glass, interspersed with silver mirror-style rocaille beads. Complete with matching lapis lazuli and rocaille bead earrings (all new).

Yuletide Red
A memory coil bracelet consisting of red glass and ceramic decorated beads and interspersed with red rocaille beads. A matching pair of dotted ceramic earrings (reclaimed, aside from findings).

Earthborn Brown
A memory coil bracelet consisting of brown reclaimed glass beads, interspersed with earthy-toned rocaille beads. Completed with a matching pair of earrings (reclaimed, aside from findings).

Silver Gemstone Cuffs
Two silver cuff bracelets; with mixed gem placements of turquoise and jasper - three stones on each cuff (photos to follow - bleedin' camera died at the last minute!)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Feeling not so hot-hot-hot!

Well I have managed to return and post something - seems like forever since I was last on here.

I am now almost 11 weeks pregnant with our second child and feeling grimmer than Grimsby on a very grim day :(

My bowel condition has flared up massively which is leaving me rather housebound, not to mention incredibly guilty that I can't look after my gorgeous girl properly.

She has been a total star, and has told me: "It's ok mummy. You're my best girl and I will take care of you!" So in between vomiting, being adhered to the loo and feeling grim, I have also been in floods of tears at her sheer sweetness.

Weather is not helping I don't think. My poor chickens are miffed with the constant wind and rain and are starting to shed a few feathers. I keep boiling up lots of veggie scraps and pureƩing it for them to keep them happy.

Hubby has been a superstar and taken over most jobs including the kitchen - I cannot bear to be looking in the fridge and seeing what to cook, and I'm sure my cravings of pickled onion juice and fizzy sherbert sweets are not
what my family would fancy for dinner!

I am making home-made pizza for dinner tonight though, but I think that's only because I actually want to eat it. Last night it was a strange concoction of tuna steaks (for him), garlic mushrooms and steamed Brussel sprouts with a baked potato.

Hmmm all that talk of food has got me thinking about a nice big Double Decker...can feel another dispatching-of-husband-to-the-shop coming on!