Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Even quicker still!

Ok, another hurried blog! I have a few writing deadlines, which are running late, due to one client's rubbish time-keeping, not mine! Why can't people just flippin' do things on time?? It would save my diary looking like the arse-end of paper-shreddings, because of the amount of rubbing-out I've done this last week, re-scheduling and re-arranging. Seriously. Grrrr. 

Anyhoo, here are some of my Chrisumerism makes:

Some turquoise and glass bead earrings for my aunt

Part of the GS season swap for Talie - I was going for it's-friggin'-cold-theme of blue crackle glass earrings

A tree decoration for Talie (there was a bookmark but I can't find a picture so I probably haven't taken one. Biff.

Some freshwater pearls in candy and chocolate, for the mother and MIL

A make for someone 

The finished mice for my pixies 

And their new home

I couldn't get the box out of my head; it's identical to one I had as a child, and I managed to find a vintage one on eBay for pence. Awesome!

Half a scarf I'm crocheting for my big pixie, with some left over wool

And the finished upcycled bags for the pixies, just need to add a flower brooch to them both and tidy up loose thread etc

Both children have worn both pairs of these jeans, before I made them into little bags so they have something to remember if their childhood clothing!

Loose thread waiting to be chopped! The flower lining is from a cord Mini Boden dress that little pixie has grown out of, but managed to stain it so I couldn't pass it on. I'm really pleased with the outcome.

So there you go, nearly done now. Just a little bit of embroidery to finish and then I can relax, collect our new kitten as a surprise for the pixies and celebrate my girl's birthday with some awesome cakey.

Merry Yule and Christmas to you all, have a peaceful New Year, and I'll catch you in 2012 :)


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Quickly, quickly...

Crafting furiously, in an attempt to finish projects for a big pixie's birthday and the vileness that is Chrisumerism.

So, I have finished my two needle-felted mice. Hurrah! They are rather cute and I managed to find a vintage cigar box, exactly the same as I had when I was a small girl. I used to hide lots of precious things in there.

Anyhooo, I thought it would be a fabtastic little house for the micey mice, filled with delicate little paper shreddings. 

I've also finished two little handbags for the pixies, upcycled from their old trousers. Just need to do two little matching flower brooches out of the remaining fabric.

And I am 3/4 through a crochet scarf for big pixie. It's a lovely colour and I don't at all want to keep it for myself...

I can't show you anything today, because my bloody husband has nicked the batteries from my camera to power some lights for his tree. *insert a big grrrrr here*

So hello, hurrah and ta ta!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Our Thanksgiving Tree

A quickie again!

Our little tree, on our seasonal hearth, that we use to hang on notelets of things that we are thankful for. The children hung some decorations that they made onto the tree. We open the notes of thanks all together on the 25th December during dinner and read them out. It's a lovely way to encourage the children to think about the lives they have and the things that matter most to them (as opposed to the material shite that Argos will have churned out at this time of the year...*gets down from soapbox*).

And my companion whilst I turned the entire house upside down and moved sofas from here to there and back again

My faithful boy, snoring comfortably on his sheepskin rug (one of our friends' sheep *sob* but at least the whole animal was used).

I do get itchy feet in the house, with regards to shifting and moving furniture. Last night was no exception and I finally got to bed at 01.00hrs, following my fabulous decision to move 4 bookshelves and their contents into a different spot. And I also got an armchair stuck between the kitchen and children's play room. But we won't mention that to the chap, because I think I *may* have buggered the paintwork too...anyhoooo, it's all organised again now, ready for the blasted Chrisumerism tree to go up on Saturday.

Can you tell I'm not a twinkly-and-sparkly-Santa-loving kinda gal?!

I shall now crawl away to my cave of doom and misery and emerge in January, happy and jolly when most folk will be pissed off, dreading the flippetty-flap of the letterbox as their Visa card lands and the imminent New Year Blues set in. Hurrah for 2012!