Sunday, 29 March 2009

Charity shop hop!

Wow, it was certainly a day for bargains yesterday!

First, I got 4 books for £1.49!!!!! ONE POUND FORTY NINE PENNIES FOR FOUR BOOKS - HOW FAB?!

The children's atlas was only £1.49 too.
Then, I found four gorgeous tea light holders for only 30p each - I nearly elbowed an old lady out the way to get to them (sorry Doris!).

A gorgeous vintage chain with gemstones and crystals on for £1.49.

Mr Postman (who is quickly becoming the most regular vistor at our house!) brought us a beautiful and unexpected surprise from lovely Shell - a fabby jewellery mag for me - she must have known I was needing some new inspiration! And a lovely Pixie doll, made by Wodgey, for the Pixie as she was so brave following her operation. Both gifts are truly appreciated with love, and Pixie girl is now called Emma and likes to be snuggled in bed. Thanks hon xxx

And a gorgeous blast of sunshine

Baby is growing incredibly well and is shifting from side to side in my tum, which feels like a washing machine drum with something damn heavy in it, slowly turning. Chocolate helps ;) 13 weeks to go and counting...considering a doula for the birth too.
And the lovely husband returned from his golfing travels.
A great weekend in all and the weather was awesome today, although not quite warm enough for 3/4 length trousers I found.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Green mama gifts!

Some lovely pics of gifts from GP mamas:

A gorgeous Spring swap gift from Joxy

A fab hand-knitted pair of socks for our new baby - in a gender-neutral colour; a felted bowl with some little gemstones and an unexpected gift of a meditation CD for pregnancy from Mama4

This is our seasonal hearth so far...

And a couple of items of jewellery for my website

Little one is still recovering from her operation so time and energy is low in this house.


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Super spring sunny Sunday!

What a lovely morning to wake up to! Albeit a tad early at 06.00hrs...what's the '0' stand for? Oh my god it's early! (Good Morning Vietnam?)

We have been busy making our Wishing Well (from a blog via The Crafty Crow) this morning , and dropping pennies in to make wishes (mine were health and happiness-related: Pixie's were ice-cream, a new slide and swing-related...)

Anyhooooo, child has just gone down for a nap after mucheth protest. I think I may have wrestled her into bed after a tickling session - she was up far too early too and suffers grumpiness (not unlike her mother *smirk*) if she doesn't get enough rest.

I have cleaned the kitchen - it was a bloody disgrace. We did the oven this week too with bicarb and vinegar and it is in much better shape. I want to say it's the first time we cleaned the oven since we got it (around seven years ago) but you will think I'm disgustingly dirty and never read again. So I won't say that.

Washing is on the line, hens are clucking happily at the sight of some summer sunshine and babe-in-utero is happy now it has had some well-earned chocolate!

A picture of my handbag with my new brooch from Shell attached to it - really funky!

Hubby is out golfing so I can relax and get at least an hour's worth of peace!

Ahhhhhhh. And relaxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Absolutely Felting!

My first attempt at messing with felt: a little handbag for Phoebe with the nuked John Rocha cardigan...

My lovely new MOO cards - how excited was I when I opened them?! I nearly peed my pants...

And after all that excitement and creativity, I am exhausted. Oh, I made another batch of muffins too - 3rd lot in 3 days; does that count as a craving I wonder?

Off to bed with another muffin, a pile of books and a hot water with lemon. Oooh I'm an animal.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Saturday fun...

First things first...

We baked some organic banana, chocolate and raisin muffins for breakfast which were scrummy...needless to say there are only one or two left ;)

This is my charity shop bargain. I've been looking for a wool item to felt with and found in a charity shop yesterday - it's a John Rocha cardigan, 100% Merino wool. When I took it to the counter, the woman was oohing and ahhing over the quality and lovely colour. I then proceeded to tell her I was going to take it home, nuke it in the washing machine and then make a felt bag from it! Impressed she was not! Ho hum...
I left it out to dry while we went shopping and when we got back, it smelled like someone/something had pooed in the house. The smell was vile! I have lit every sage stick and oil burner we have...smell has faded a little. What makes wool smell like that?!

And these are my lovely new eco-boxes for my jewellery. I keep opening and closing them as they are so pretty! Recycled cardboard.

And here we have the handsome gardener, DH, pruning, well massacring the apple and pear trees. I am assured we will "still get fruit this year" hmmmm...we shall see.

Our friend Jimbob came afterwards and took all the prunings back to his small holding where he will mulch them up for us and being them back so we can scatter them in the hen enclosure. Good recycling!

I then was exhausted from all the eating and watching, I went to bed for two hours! Six-months' pregnant with a cold makes me even more of a whinging baggage than usual, so I had hot manuka honey and lemon and snuggled up for a sleep.

We also got rid of a load of bits on Freecycle this morning too - nice folk collecting them; restores a bit of faith in the local community!

And we had a treat tea at Subway this evening: a foot-long Veggie Delight on honey oat, with extra jalapeƱos, gherkins and sweet onion sauce. And a Diet Coke, cos I crave it! Yum! Might just have enough room for a little muffin for supper...

Friday, 6 March 2009


Well it's 06.00hrs and I've been awake for over two hours. Boo hiss boo. Wiggling child in my tum is quite violent I think, and feels like it may be using my bladder as a punch bag for fun. That, and our new bed has only half-arrived (memory mattress, but not the new bed) so I can feel every spring, coil, Kicky Kickerson husband and his two left feet and heartburn.

Aside from that, it's all good baby!

Had a productive day yesterday: set up a new web address (more to follow...) ordered a horrendous amount of new beads and findings, my lovely new eco packaging arrived (a yummy green colour) and also my lovely new hand-made purse courtesy of Shell. It is now in full use and so cute too.

We managed to meet a friend for coffee - something that hasn't been so possible with me being so vile and ill for the last 6 months, which was lovely.

Pixie then helped Daddy clean out the chooks - Mummy's tum is far too huge to get down into the hen hut, so Daddy has taken over the role completely - I am just the feeder now!

And here are some more choice shots from Pixie's photography skills...a piccie of Toby Dog munching his tea...

And a cheeky girl pinching peppers before tea!

and another abstract piccie sideways on of two keyboards together. You can't say she doesn't have an eye for composition!