Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Peeping out of hibernation

Sorting out jars of herbs, ready for teas and medicine.

Some lemon curd I made this morning - organic, of course, and with fresh eggs from our hennies...awesome on a ciabatta fresh from the oven.

See how lemony and yellow?

A bit of a blurry picture but you can still see my birthday mushrooms made by our friend Jimbob who is an amazing chainsaw sculptor.

And a birthday cake from my mammy.

So it looks like my hibernation is nearly over. I have been busy with therapies recently and am thinking of practicing again in the future, maybe combining it with the writing and editing...we'll see. I stopped practicing as a therapist when I was pregnant with the Littlest Pixie as I was so ill and felt my energies were needed to grow baby. Taking on others' emotional needs were too much. I have two small ladies who are our priority and getting through each day happily is a big enough challenge right now!

Have you been in hibernation? Has the clean whiff of Springtime tempted you out of your burrows? I have been coaxed reluctantly :) And the addition of cakey always helps...