Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer Loves

10 Things I Love About Summer...

✰ The first crop of tatties from the garden

✰ Reading a book, and sipping tea in the garden

✰ My summer Birkies!

✰ My two pixies, happily playing together

✰ Blackcurrants from my parents' garden, ready for jam-making

✰ Camping with friends

✰ Desserts with strawberries in them, like Eton Mess

✰ Offenbach streaming out of my iPod whilst I work

✰ My lovely husband and his thoughtfulness constantly

✰ The relatively easy life we lead and the freedom we have


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Super juice

My pixies rarely get sick, but the biggest one has a sniffle. I know, sob sob. Her little eyes are streaming so I have given her the usual protocol we use: high-dose vitamin C, echinacea and elderberry, green vitamins, homeopathic prescription remedy for cold and flu and a snuggly blanket for the sofa.

Then, I usually give them a super smoothie, combined with juiced vegetables in it. They think it's a real treat, the lovely little weirdos.

Juiced carrot, broccoli, apple and pear, blended into a smoothie with banana, orange, blueberries and strawberries. I usually sneak in some hemp and flaxseed oil too.

= Super-charged pixies :-)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Wire jewellery tree

My quickie 30 minute no-children-around-to-interfere project.

A little tree to store and hold all those bits of jewellery that seem to get lost in drawers and small peoples' handbags.

I twisted some vintage green glass leaves onto the branches.

The Big Pixie is currently sorting through her jewellery stash (probably pilfered from mine...) to hang on the tree so I may need to make another one.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

What is it?

NOT a willy warmer Sharon :)

It's a... phone cover!

I got one of those modern phones - you know the type; the ones you don't need a larger bag to carry it around in :) It does all manner of cool things and is far more technical than my little head can comprehend. I can even email my work to and from clients. 

Of course, all I seem to do is mince about on the internet with it ;)

But I am prone to buggering phones up quickly, so I thought I better sort myself a cover out fast. Some snazzy James Brett Ripple DK and I found myself going all hooky. Quite sad for a Saturday night, but we'd had friends over the night before so I was glad of the snuggle-in-bed-with-a-DVD-and-crochet-hook session.

And a shiny vintage button to finish off. Perfect.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Herbs and hols

All is still rosy here at our little happy hippy shack :-)

We've had a fabulous holiday abroad with friends and my lovely  husband is nicely relaxed after plenty of beach time with his precious babies. It was great to be in some proper sunshine and we had a good look at property over there too.

Our next jaunt is being planned, and we're staying UK-bound on a camping expedition with our friends.

For my mammy's birthday, the littlies wanted to make her something, so they have done a bracelet from Tiger's eye and jade (but it's wrapped so I can't show you!) and we put together a hanging herby basket for her.

They dug in some chives, calendula, feverfew, chocolate mint, lemon thyme and lemon balm. I twisted a wire flower to pop in the middle to finish off. Reclaimed basked from last year's hanging basket on our wall! Herbs from our garden. Free gift? I think so. Awesomesauce!