Sunday, 19 June 2011

What is it?

NOT a willy warmer Sharon :)

It's a... phone cover!

I got one of those modern phones - you know the type; the ones you don't need a larger bag to carry it around in :) It does all manner of cool things and is far more technical than my little head can comprehend. I can even email my work to and from clients. 

Of course, all I seem to do is mince about on the internet with it ;)

But I am prone to buggering phones up quickly, so I thought I better sort myself a cover out fast. Some snazzy James Brett Ripple DK and I found myself going all hooky. Quite sad for a Saturday night, but we'd had friends over the night before so I was glad of the snuggle-in-bed-with-a-DVD-and-crochet-hook session.

And a shiny vintage button to finish off. Perfect.

1 comment:

Alison Wellby said...

Very smart. A little like a mobile-phone version of a tank top. Retro-seventies, baby! ;o)