Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Nursing necklace and cloth bums!

Just another quickie - my time to myself has diminished to grabbing a quick coffee (decaf, of course) and a bagel before whipping my boobs out. Again.

Things are more settled here, and the lovely Baby is growing nicely. Pixie insists on giving her many curls-in-your-face kisses and hugs and is rather taken with her. Every time she cries, I get: "Come on mummy, your sister is crying again!" Not sure she understands that I now have two daughters and Baby is her sister...

Anyhooooo, I was going to order one of those beautiful nursing necklaces from Lait D'Amour and a matching booby reminder bracelet - I still can't figure out/remember which breast I fed from last - they're both still huge! I wanted the name on them to read: "Baby's Next Boob", but to my horror, they don't have apostrophe beads. How can this be? The nice lady assured me that you wouldn't notice that the name didn't have an apostrophe. I'm sorry, but as a former editor, proofreader and pedantic nut, I SO would notice. I can't even bring myself to type how it would look - it's all wrong! So as beautiful and perfect as they are, I have had to decline and make my own. 

So back to my usual 'bust whatever pretty beads ya can find and break 'em down' motto, I constructed this set:

From two old wooden beaded belts. Quite pleased with them and it certainly helps being reminded which side to feed from next. Picture is a bit pants though - not sure what setting hubby has put the camera on but it's not just right.

And just a cutie shot of my little girl with her huge cloth bum! The nappy is bigger than her, but does the job nicely.
Gorgeous isn't she? I could eat her.

But I won't.


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Little things and gorgeous gifts...

Little things...

Knitted socks - a trade in the GP LETS scheme from clever Mama4

It takes much getting used to, having another littley in the house again.

Lifting Pixie into my arms now, feels like lifting a small adult and risking a hernia at the same time. I haven't lifted her for about three months due to knackered pregnant body. She feels sooooo robust and grown-up now.

At the same time, picking up Baby, I need to remember she is MUCH lighter than her sister, and not to throw her over my shoulder too hard.

Baby having an afternoon sunshine snooze with Grandad...

Bath time with Daddy.

Lavender and Cocoa butter bath melts and scrummy choccie (What? Yes of COURSE it's empty. Don't you know me at all?!) from the gorgeous Shell

From the lovely Claire: some more wonderful (and finished :( ) chocolates for mummy and daddy! A teeny tie-dye T for baby, and one for the big sister.

A fab little tie-dye vest from fab Roof...

Ladies: your wonderful and thoughtful gifts brought tears to my eyes - you've been so kind and I have received so many lovely messages. Big hugs and love to you all xxxxx

Monday, 13 July 2009

Our beautiful new daughter!

Eveline May

Well she's finally here!

After 9 months of me whinging my ass off, feeling dreadful and suffering many undignified pokings, proddings, biopsies, cameras up my was totally all worth it to bring our beautiful daughter in to this mad and crazed world.

At 15.55hrs on Saturday 11th July, Eveline May was born (pronounced 'Ever-line').

My amazing husband and his new girl.

She weighed in at a good 9lbs 1oz, and was ten days over her estimated date of delivery. I managed to coax her out before any induction threats could be carried out. So ha!

A hospital birth, that was extremely positive with minimal intervention compared to my first birthing experience, and I was aware of everything going on - but apparently I did ramble on about organic green tea for some reason...

My first memory, as I had laboured resting over the back of a hospital bed, was her being thrust between my legs and staring up at me.

I must have been in total shock at the great lump that had just popped out of me, because I was staring at the umbilical cord and wondering that the baby's penis looked a little odd...

Mark was worrying at this point as I froze and couldn't touch her or anything, but seriously, after such hard work and pain, the shock of a baby coming out of your insides is enough to make any normal person a little unbalanced.

Pixie just loves her new baby sister, and we've had a lovely afternoon all at home together for the first time, just playing, reading and then we bathed the girls together. Even Baby weeing on her sister didn't phase Pixie who just shrugged her shoulders. We've managed to hold off any visitors until tomorrow, so we've had a mini babymoon. Not as long as I would like though :(

We've had a little glass of Champagne together to toast our ladies, so please join us in counting our blessings. Raise your cup of cocoa/tea/gin/*insert your tipple here*...

Cheers everyone!



Saturday, 11 July 2009 HURTS!

"But do you know the best thing about pain? It lets you know you're not dead yet." (Viggo Mortenson, GI Jane 1997).

Balls. I'd rather not be feeling this level of pain thanks, Viggo.

So I've been at this labour lark for over 24 hours. It's 04.45hrs now. I can't sleep cos it hurts too much. Contractions are between 7-8 minutes apart and oh my goodness they chuffin' are agony! I had forgotten this bit! Can't think what it will be like in a few hours :(

10 days overdue and it looks like this baby will finally arrive today.

Pixie is sleeping at the parents house - her cousins are over from Hong Kong so she's happy as anything to have two little boys to boss around. She also thinks delivering a baby is like popping out to Tesco for a quick shop. I sooooo wish it was.

And I'm all tearful and missing her. And hubby is as much use as a flippin' Rice Krispie, snoring away saying "Darling, wake me when you need me" and promptly falling straight back asleep.

I have my faithful dog though, who hasn't left my side in hours. Even though he does keep trumping, it's better than nothing.

So hopefully this is the final blog before baby arrives. Wish me some peaceful vibes...please.


Monday, 6 July 2009

Baby is NEARLY here...I'm sure of it!

Just a quickie - baby is overdue by the EDD, but you know...never mind! I'm sure baby will arrive when it's good and ready. We are ready and waiting - having acupuncture in the morning, got extra homeopathic remedies today and had some lovely reflexology, so I'm all relaxed. Ahhhhhhhhh!

And every other fecker is completely impatient, texting/calling, asking retarded questions like: "Are you in pain yet?" Do these monkeys think that's helpful? Just about held out from telling anyone to piss off at the minute, but I *may* lose the remainder of my manners and actually do it - hormones as an excuse me thinks? Grrrrrrr!
So over to nicer things.
We have three gifts for Pixie from Baby...

The first is a gorgeous bag made by the wonderful Shell - I haven't yet taken a piccie because Pixie has been all around everywhere and we have packed it into the hospital bag ready to give to her when she visits, so here are some pics from her blog - she has an amazing talent for beautiful things and I am proud to be able to own some gorg pieces she has made.

The second is a jigsaw which is just that; a jigsaw! A doll's house design, hidden away in the kitchen.

And the third is a picture of a fairy for Phoebe's new bedroom.

Here is a pic of a bracelet that I have made for a friend - she sent some great chickweed ointment for Pixie when her eczema flared up. It's crackled olive glass, a bit of hematite and Tiger's Eye mixed with matching rocaille beads.

And Pixie, going the only way there is to roof rack on Daddy's car!

So...we're all set for Baby. Ready when you are bundle of loveness?