Monday, 30 December 2013

Intuitive art

A lovely evening with two special friends; painting and percentages - wine and art always go so well together I find!

This is my result, waves of some sort I think. Doesn't matter what it is as it totally chilled me out and relaxed my head.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas in Wales

This year, we escaped from the crazy Chrisumerism that hits the UK from about September on. We also have a big girl's birthday on Boxing Day to celebrate so we booked a fabulous and luxurious cottage in the back end of nowhere in Wales and hid away for a week. Perfection.

We were so relaxed and I had floods of ideas although managed to write nothing while I was there - I have it all stored though.

We had hunts for The Gruffalo in the woods, plenty of outdoor time and family time together. Also, lots of boozes :-)

We saw a little snow but mostly enjoyed cuddling up and watching DVDs, reading to each other and playing board games. Time was lost on us. I can't think of a more relaxing holiday we've had as a family.