Monday, 31 May 2010

Bookmarks made

Here are some bookmarks recently put in my Misi shop because I *still* can't work my website!

A beautiful, large hand-made, silver-toned bookmark with personalisation up to 6 characters and completed with a beautiful ladybird glass charm. Sterling silver jump rings for strength.
Measures 5 inches approximately. SOLD


A beautiful, hand-made silver-plated bookmark with an Tiger's eye and olive crackled glass gemstone charm. Sterling silver jump rings for strength.
Measures 3.5 inches approximately. 

A beautiful, hand-made silver-toned bookmark with blue glass pearls and ceramic bead gemstone charm. Sterling silver jump rings for strength.
Measures 3.5 inches approximately. 

A beautiful, hand-made silver-toned bookmark with amethyst, glass and kunzite amethyst gemstone charm. Sterling silver jump rings for strength.
Measures 3.5 inches approximately. 

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Crochet...and retribution?

I have always loved Enid Blyton. Always. Malory Tower, The Twins at St Clare's, Amelia Jane, The Faraway Tree, The Famous Five, The Secret Seven...endless books that carried me through my childhood.

I was completely delighted when the eldest pixie became enthralled by the stories too and we are really enjoying reading together.

Until Naughty Amelia Jane. Quite an innocent read, as I remembered. Toys and a big naughty doll. But all the stories seem to follow the same pattern:

Amelia Jane plays tricks, pisses the Toys off, gets punished, says sorry, and does new naughty bad things in the next story.

One paragraph, describing Amelia Jane after leaving her shoes outside in the rain:

"...what you want is a good smacking." And they turned her over and gave her such a smacking that she cried a puddle on the floor.

I know the book was written in 1946 and discipline back then probably did mean a good hiding, but seriously? What kind of a message does it send to our children?

Trying to parent in a gentle way, and telling our children that hands are not for hitting, kind of goes out of the window.

When I read the above, I felt sick in my stomach. It's only about a doll, but still. Pixie's face was a little white too.

So we are still reading the books, but I am omitting some of the phrasing about smacking and punishing.

My latest crochet projects. I re-did my hat. Because it was crap. It looked like a parachute.

I'm rather pleased with the flower on my hat.

Still can't read patterns though :)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Charity shop heist :)

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet. Or anyone else's for that matter...but I really am the Queen of charity shop bargains. Maybe that should just be my title for local or regional competitions, as I'm sure there are some of you thrifters out there that also are at the right place at the right time as frequently as me.

Today's charity heist includes:

A brand-new copy of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

We're massive Enid Blyton fans here (well, me and Pixie - I don't think Daddy could give a tiny rat's ass what he reads to be frank), so another book to add to the collection - again, unread

A bit of chick-lit to escape into

A lovely leather-bound classic Little Women

An educational book for Pixie - 25p.

2 Boden tops for me; they don't even look worn. £3 each.

A lovely cashmere-mix cardigan for me. £2.

And a Per Una sweater, unworn, for £2.
I also bought a pair of plum cords, Lee Cooper, still tagged and new, but they were too small. The label said a 14, which would normally be fine and I would wear with a belt, but I couldn't get them past my thighs. They were about an 8 I reckon, unless my cake-scoffing waist really has expanded that much. But doubtful. Everything else is still a 12. I took them back anyhooo, and swapped them for more books and a top :)
A few CDs completed the raid today, and I'll leave it until next week before we visit again. Give the old dears time to restock...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Framing marvellous!

Not one to spend a shed load of cash on, well, anything much really, we needed some colourful prints for the small ladies' bedrooms.

On a recent trip to a DIY store, I had an ingenious idea. Wallpaper.

No, really.

A great way to fill old photo frames and create a lovely picture for small eyes to look at.

I snaffled a small selection of fairy wallpaper "samples" (did you notice the air quotes - did you?). Well, in the name of thriftyness, I have to use what materials I come across.

My mum had saved all of my first birthday cards (from sooooo long ago), so we chose this one and framed it for baby:

And a couple of prints I picked up from a flea market about 10 years ago - Pigling Bland and Jemima Puddle Duck.

They look lovely hanging in the children's corridor and the children love their new pictures.

I have kept this little bit of wallpaper to frame for our kitchen when the new renovations have been done (more flippin' dust and brickwork to create an extra room for the children to work in).

And so ends the thrifty tips for today :)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Charity shopping en España!

At home or abroad...

I can spot a charity shop from the back of my head. Guaranteed.


Unfortunately, the husband had placed a time limit on my rummaging, whilst he enjoyed a nice cold beer - he knows me so well and I may have spent the entire afternoon browsing :)

This was my find of the day - a crochet bag, lined with denim and with little wooden handles.

2 Euro, so about £1.70.

I got so excited I almost peed a little. Almost.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Vintage Button Bracelet

A chocolate-shade vintage button bracelet with antique copper lobster catch and jump rings.
Something I finally had a little time to make.
Personalised silver and crystal bookmarks coming soon!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A walk in the woods

A lovely walk in the woods.

A quick paddle in the brock.

A fab little tree man...maybe The Green Man?!

Is it a a tree pixie?

No! It's Daddy and his girl peeping out.

Wild garlic from a quick forage....

turned into this....

yummy wild garlic soup

and homemade malted bread.

I have been quite ill lately, so have had very little time spare. I hardly get to read blogs like I used to, so I hope you're all well and doing wonderfully creative and happy things.
Beltane blessings to you all xxx