Sunday, 2 May 2010

A walk in the woods

A lovely walk in the woods.

A quick paddle in the brock.

A fab little tree man...maybe The Green Man?!

Is it a a tree pixie?

No! It's Daddy and his girl peeping out.

Wild garlic from a quick forage....

turned into this....

yummy wild garlic soup

and homemade malted bread.

I have been quite ill lately, so have had very little time spare. I hardly get to read blogs like I used to, so I hope you're all well and doing wonderfully creative and happy things.
Beltane blessings to you all xxx


ruby said...

ohh I would love the reciepe for this soup, now what do you do with the garlic and how much of it do you pick?, Ive wanted to get some but didn't know what to do with it. Hope you feel better soon x

ruby said...

god I spelt recipe wrong!!! it is 12.45am!

shell said...

Lovely piccies there my Lovely. Hope you all had a good holiday.

Fingers crossed that this illness larks soon disappears too - don't want that spoiling the summer for you.

Love to all