Saturday, 12 May 2012

I am...

...disgustingly aware that I am not keeping up with my own bargain of regular blogging. I did intend to use my blog as a personal diary, but, well, I'm too feckin' busy to be frank!

Running two businesses from home is hectic, but enjoyable. If I could only squeeze some extra hours into my day, then I could spend MUCH more time on Pinterest (my time-wasting hobby). How much prettiness is out there to gaze at

I have managed to see about half of my friends this month - so much harder now one pixie is in school. Small pixie and meetings/coffee dates/consultations combines pretty well, as long as I am armed with distraction techniques (a grown-up pad and pen works amazingly well). So whoever is reading this that I haven't seen, hugest of apologies, a large slice of virtual cakey, a kiss and I promise I'll see you soon. Gah.

Marathon training is still rockin' - five months to go and I'm well up for it. I've lost nearly 2 stone since December (I'm running 40 miles a week - it's gonna happen) and my old injuries are holding up well (*touches headboard of bed with, well, one's head*). The trouble with a commitment to running 26.2 miles in one go is that it requires training that is disciplined and regular. I am neither So it's a battle with myself, my diary and negotiating with the husband that yes, I AM off out running AGAIN and no, I have no clue when/if I'll be back. I'm sure he understands...

A race to prepare for tomorrow and I've just found my bloody shorts in the washing basket so another flippin' load to bung in this evening, so I'll leave you with a picture of the only proper job I've managed to complete today: tidying of my desk. Ta da!