Saturday, 31 July 2010

It's only paper...

...but LOOK!

See how pretty?

It IS only paper, but I really needed to share my excitement with you. This bundle of papery joy cost £4.00! How money-savingly fantastic is that?

Pixie has already ear-marked some of it of course, for another new book project she *needs* to do immediately.

And some teeny little stamp letters for an equally teeny smidgeon of pennies...99p.

Oh craft heaven :)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Making a book

I wanted a new book for my words that I am learning. Mammy found one from this blog so we made one similar.

We made pages from card and Mod Podged them into my new book.

And then I stuck in my words.

I have filled all of the pages and I want to make another one for some drawings. You can put anything you like in your book

I am liking Mod Podge and use it all the time for sticky sticking. Especially the kitchen table.

Phoebe xxx

And the winner is...


Well done! Your name was expertly-drawn by the nightie-clad Pixie straight out of bed this morning :)

Contact me (via GP?) and let me know your address and I'll post the  Weleda oil on to you.

Thanks for all of those lovely comments!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Weleda Giveaway!

Weleda is one of our most favourite brands in the Green Queen household. Even Daddy has succumbed to the scenty smells and soothing balms (especially after a long golfing game and he has chaffing between his legs - Calendula Nappy Change Cream is THE saviour, without a doubt. But Ssshhhh! Don't tell him I told you that.)

Those lovely kind folk over at Weleda are giving away a sumptuous bottle of their award-winning Pregnancy Body Oil!

The Pregnancy Body Oil is filled to the brim with natural ingredients and is made from naturally-sourced raw materials

Geranium - marvellous for relaxing and uplifting the body and mind, as well as its healing properties for dry and damaged skin; lavender, also for skin healing as well as easing muscle aches; orange, as a natural pick-me-up for the tiredness that often accompanies pregnancy; and magical organic arnica flowers for anti-inflammatory properties.

It also contains jojoba, sweet almond oil, wheatgerm oil.

Weleda's Pregnancy Body Oil is perfect for growing tums, bums and other bits that seem to stretch vastly during pregnancy, as well as being an ideal post-natal moisturising oil as the skin returns to its normal elasticity. Existing stretchies and section scars can be helped by smoothing on the oil too.

Lushness in a bottle :)

So for your chance to win a bottle of this magic, leave a comment for me, and Pixie will draw a name from her straw hat (so she has decided) on Thursday 29th July and the winner will receive a full-size 100ml bottle of Weleda's Pregnancy Body Oil. It's that simple!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mama Made Monday (or Tuesday!)

A make for Mama Made Monday.

A reclaimed amber bracelet and earrings from Eveline's teething necklace that lost a bead.

The lovely folk over at Little Acorns to Mighty Oak sent a replacement necklace for our girl, but I hate waste, ya know? So I reclaimed the beads. ALL FOR ME!

And added a few little Tiger's Eye stones at the end of the bracelet.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's makes :)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Puddlin' Boots

These little boots have been walking in the rain, jumping in puddles and have been renamed, by Pixie...

Puddlin' Boots!

I may patent the phrase. In fact, Puddlin' Boots ©. There.

So when it's doing this outside

Yep, a dirty great shot of our extension foundations filled with murky rain water (and the teabag I dropped in it on the way to the compost bin yesterday...)

It's definitely time for this

Oat and cinnamon drop cookies


a warming cup of Yogi Choco Tea.


Friday, 16 July 2010

Cakey cakey flippin' cakey!

Home-made carrot cake. For breakfast. Why? Because I can. Yum yum get in my tum. I'll go for a run later...

Sunday, 11 July 2010

One is a very big number

Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful baby girl. You have had the cheekiest of twinkles in your eyes today, and the beamiest smiles for all in sight.

Also, you have eaten more than is physically possible for such a small girl. Perhaps it's because you're having a growth spurt, or maybe now that you're one, our food bill will rise drastically...

But it's lovely to see you eating and enjoying your food so much

And cleaning you up afterwards.

One year ago, I was in incredible pain but knowing it would be so worth it to see and touch my small girl for the first time. Of course at that point, it hurt so bloody much, I wasn't really that rational (see here for proof) and I may have sworn a little, because we're honest here. No smug fairies - it frickin' hurt!

But oh...

You were beautiful and BIG! How did you come out I'll never know. My lady parts are still shocked. But come out you did and me and Daddy were instantly in love.

You have had such a busy year, growing and playing and loving.

Just like your sister, you are the apple of Daddy's eye, and every time you raise your hands for a cuddle and coo "Ba ba!", Daddy's heart melts a little.

We had great fun in the sun this year

And fun in the cold

The love between you and your big sister is amazing and she adores you completely and is the kindest girl to you. Even when you stick your fingers in her eyes.

So grow tall my baby, grow wild and grow happy. We wish you love and freedom and all that you wish yourself, always.

Mammy & Daddy xxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A better week :)

Well I feel a little less like jumping ship this week!

I don't know why, perhaps it's hormonal or something...I certainly haven't had any more sleep: Miss Tiddly Pom has had yet another ear perforation - her 8th in total, poor monkey. I actually took her to the GPs today, useless clusterfucks that they are. Our homeopath is on the case and we have another prescription to help. But I do think another set of grommets will be required :( And how much hearing damage there is, is another issue. But she doesn't seem to be in too much discomfort.

And Tiddly Wink is as beautiful as ever - here is a picture of her with her new adornments - yes, it IS a bath plug. The gorgeous little weirdo. And she puts in on herself, along with her sister's beads. It's all about the fashion you know! She turns one this weekend and I can't believe how time has flown. I will blog her birthday because it's such a special day for her. And us. From me and hubby going from supposedly infertile to two beautiful and smart babies - it's a total blessing and one which we will be eternally thankful for.

And here are my spinach and cheese muffins. Who knew that muffins minus the sugar and choccie could taste so flippin' good. Awesome and used up the remainder of our veggie box from Abel and Cole.

And as for my crap and shitty organisation (or disorganisation) I have reverted back to my beloved filofax. I have some lovely felt material that I have bought to make a nice little sleeve for it. The felt is 100% recycled post-consumer waste from plastic bottles. I do have to add that my professional organisation is rather top drawer (in case any clients are reading :) ) but our family life is totally chaotic and I never know where and when we should be places, even with a family calender. Pfffft. That's just me though.

And finally this week, our first box from Graze arrived

A fab idea of a mixed healthy snack box delivered to your door for £2.99. Here is the link to their site and a code for first box and delivery FREE! - 6CCMRBDN

Love to everyone out there :) xxx

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Time? No time!

Gah, where does time go?

I have been awake for 12 months. Seriously. Tiddly Wink is not up for the sleeping-longer-than-four-hours lark, often only snoozing for a couple at a time.

Chronic lack of sleep does little for one's sanity, co-ordination, social life and mental health.

By that, I mean I have, on several occasions, lost the plot; lost my way, on my own street, after leaving the house and forgetting where I was going, cancelled a multitude of dates without the children because I know I will be panicky and just plain exhausted anyway; and had some pretty dark days with acute anxiety and palpitations.

Sometimes I resent Tidldly Wink nursing for the tenth time in a night, wanting to be completely selfish and just have my boobs back.

Sometimes I get shouty and cross with Tiddly Pom for tiny insignificant things, then instantly regret it when her confused, sweet face looks back in a hurt way.

Often I dream of just having one hour to myself, to idle and wallow away in a coffee house, flicking through one of the gazillion books I have stacked around the house ready to read, never with a spare moment to be read.

Sometimes I feel so alone and misunderstood I cry and wonder where I have gone to.

But when I see...

my adorable little cupcake, snuggled in her bed, content and in milky dream land...


my gorgeous big girl, with tousled mousy curls on her pillow, surrounded by blankets, books, dolls and other random objects, having fallen asleep thinking of dozens of questions about life for tomorrow,

then I know,

what it is,

what I'm here for,

what it's all about,

why it's all worth the pain, strain, heartache, headache, tears and tantrums.

My beautiful children. You are perfect in every way. Please don't ever change.

Mammy x