Saturday, 24 July 2010

Weleda Giveaway!

Weleda is one of our most favourite brands in the Green Queen household. Even Daddy has succumbed to the scenty smells and soothing balms (especially after a long golfing game and he has chaffing between his legs - Calendula Nappy Change Cream is THE saviour, without a doubt. But Ssshhhh! Don't tell him I told you that.)

Those lovely kind folk over at Weleda are giving away a sumptuous bottle of their award-winning Pregnancy Body Oil!

The Pregnancy Body Oil is filled to the brim with natural ingredients and is made from naturally-sourced raw materials

Geranium - marvellous for relaxing and uplifting the body and mind, as well as its healing properties for dry and damaged skin; lavender, also for skin healing as well as easing muscle aches; orange, as a natural pick-me-up for the tiredness that often accompanies pregnancy; and magical organic arnica flowers for anti-inflammatory properties.

It also contains jojoba, sweet almond oil, wheatgerm oil.

Weleda's Pregnancy Body Oil is perfect for growing tums, bums and other bits that seem to stretch vastly during pregnancy, as well as being an ideal post-natal moisturising oil as the skin returns to its normal elasticity. Existing stretchies and section scars can be helped by smoothing on the oil too.

Lushness in a bottle :)

So for your chance to win a bottle of this magic, leave a comment for me, and Pixie will draw a name from her straw hat (so she has decided) on Thursday 29th July and the winner will receive a full-size 100ml bottle of Weleda's Pregnancy Body Oil. It's that simple!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a gorgeous oil, haven't tried much Weleda but would love to. Love your blog! Sarah/sarie

Claire said...

Yay! I have been looking for your blog for ages since you changed it. It seemed to slip by me, I can't belive your tiny dd is one now. Amazing. I LOVE the amber jewellery you made yourself. It is so timely, my dd snapped my amber necklace yesterday and I have the irregular little discs of amber in an envelop without an idea of what they will become. I need to find some clasps and wire or something to make it over, were would I get such things? Anywa, nice giveaway too :)


Sarah said...

Brilliant blog, shall sign up as a follower :)
I didn't realise Weleda did a pregnancy oil,sounds great!

Claire said...

Thanks ladies :) Claire - it depends on how heavy the amber beads are as to what would work best? Take a piccie for me and I will probably have a few bits I can send you or I can rethread for you? We could do a trade like last time?! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Claire,

Th oil if won may come in handy for the future. So here is my entry. As usual love the blog.

thedivastates said...

Hello Claire,

Always a pleasure to visit your blog and see how everyone is doing. Wonderful stories, beautuful pictures and humourous too. The charity shop finds are wonderful. I have had lots of your lovely jewellrey and i have also been introduced to lots of lovely mamas who are inspirational too. my baba will be here soon and I hope to continue to learn from you and your lovely ladies! Well done for your success and Hello to Pheobe and Eveliney too. Tiddly Pom is a lovely little blog that I hope to replicate for Oli Boo Boo!!




Intheeditingroom said...

Hello Darling!

You really have a great blog.

The oil sounds fabulous, right up my darlings street, she loves anything like that and with baby on the way it would also come in handy.

Hello the Phoebe, you too have an excellent blog, I look forward to hearing all about your adventures and wish I had such a busy social life.

Good luck with the giveaway, hope you get lots of replies


Andrew x