Monday, 29 August 2011

Flowers and books

Little pixie is loving this book right now

Which means I get to read it. And read it. And read it again.

It's good that it's not a book that makes me want to shred my own fingers - I can think of lots of those types. The mind-numbingly painful ones that have been written by folk with no imagination.

I like the fact that it is classic, with nappies flapping on the line, rather than being eaten by seagulls on the landfill.

The book is rather quaint and charming; probably because it was written over 20 years ago, when babies weren't as much of a commercialised business as they are today.

And that babies get to have real milk - that isn't often shown in children's books - it's usually bottles. And not that bottles are wholly wrong, it's just lovely to see a mother with her boobs out for the right reasons

And that there are pictures of mummies and daddies. When asking our little pixie which picture looks like her daddy, she of course said the picture that resembles Ricky Tomlinson brushing his teeth.

My chap was thrilled, as you can imagine.

My Sunday laze-a-thon turned into a bit of a crafternoon, starting some crochet flowers for a wedding we're going to in a few weeks.

I have also made an inner for the flower, and am fastening it to a hair slide.

I also have a cutesy little vintage button to pop on to finish it off. Will photograph it  when it's completed.

It's Bank Holiday Monday today, which means block all to us, but I can probably wangle another lazy day because of it. Hurrah :)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This is how I am feeling this particular Sunday - purely lazy. Because I can be.

The smallest pixie is tucked up in her cot making sweet snorting noises in her sleep. The ever-growing large seedling is enjoying an audio book on her headphones, whilst my chap is busy with his accounts.

I have a stack of work to do, but hey, chilling with a good cup of coffee and browsing the web looking at all manner of lovely blogs. I rarely get this time to relax, so I am definitely making the most of it before my peace is shattered.

I am back  onto the crochet blanket I started last year(I am a shoddy time-keeper) and am determined to finish it quickly. Mainly because I'm so bloody chilly in the evenings.

I have requests from the kidlets for some crochet slippers so I will have to get on with them soon. They may be ready by next year if I'm quick.

Ah, I best get back to doing something productive...

Happy Sunday chilling and relaxing!


And why is it ALWAYS centred around chocolate??

I don't buy into that whole "it's because women are short of magnesium and chocolate provides it" theory. Or that "it boosts serotonin". 

But oh dear God, I really need a fix right now.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

What can you see?

What can you see from where you are now??

I am snuggled with a hot cup of herbal tea, looking on to the garden.

Flowers are fading already. The calendula seems to be the only vibrant flower peeping back at me, with its orange petals still looking alive .

I love calendula - its healing properties are magnificent, but the cheeriness it brings in a visual sense, can't be beaten.

Everything else is gloomily heading towards autumn. I know, it's a swear word, but I do think Summer has almost packed its bags. 

Autumn is a beautiful season, with the crisp fresh air in the mornings, cold blue skies and crunch leaves underfoot.

Even better, is sitting in my chair with a book and a cup of something soothing (unfortunately, not gin) and watching the world go by.