Friday, 13 April 2012



With the Big Pixie:

"Mummy, I was thinking. If we write down all the opening paragraphs to a new 
exciting story, then we can see how many similes and sections of alliteration 
we can spot! That'll be fun!"

With the Small Pixie: 

Me: "Sweetheart - what are you doing?"

Small "Me no say. Me needa gimp. Me no fine me cock me go a garnen pay." (I 
can't say the words. I need a drink. I've lost my Crocs again and I want to play in the garden)

I LOVE the intensity changes! I have one child who doesn't know which colour is which, and one who could breakdown the compounds and decipher the electronic bonds. Makes for an interesting breakfast conversation.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I am rubbish!

I am scarily aware that it has been 4 months since I last blogged! 

I don't really have much to say to be honest! I am so busy living and loving life, that there is little time to write about it.

Business has been all-consuming with our new shop and website set-up; freelance writing has also been steady, and I have turned work away so we can concentrate on the expansion on the sweets.

The pixies are still bloody gorgeous: one is extra tall, smiley, in-love with school and has been assessed as gifted, able and talented. She is having the curriculum altered to keep up with her pace and so it seems one year of HE has given her the room to expand at her own rate. 

Little pixie couldn't care less; has no idea of the difference between red and green and laughs manically when one suggests that we should learn our colours. 

I love how polar opposite they are.

She will probably end up going to school, to be frank. She says she is definitely going. Definitely. But she also says she definitely ate a button. You decide. It will be her choice however, but I will encourage her to go to school, as having experienced both sides, school has definitely provided the most normal social contact for the big pixie. She is flourishing.

And training is going well. 6 months until the marathon, and I'm happily running up to 16 miles. I slipped a disc a few months back, but hey, shit happens. It's all good now.

Gay Paris at the end of May, so I am hastily bookmarking all the tourist and literary things to see. Hopefully I will have some company to them!

So long :)