Saturday, 31 October 2009

Baby is 16 weeks!

My darling girl.

Today you are 16 weeks old.

My heart fills with happiness every time I look at you.

The nine months you were tucked in my tummy, growing and turning into the beautiful little sweetheart you are, were the hardest in my life.

Not being able to leave the house for so long, and being in and out of hospital, made me wonder whether it was even right to be carrying another child.

The complete ignorance of the consultants and GPs did not help.

The minute you arrived, I knew it was all worth it. The pain, procedures and constant was nothing compared to the feeling of seeing you for the first time.

And now, you are totally adored and loved. Your big sister thinks you are the Bees Knees and her bestest girl, and mummy and daddy are completely in love with you.

Even at two in the morning when you're booby hunting. All I can do is smile at you.

I love you so much my small girl. Happy 4 months Earthside baby.

Mummy xxx

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Makings and Bakings

Some jewels from recent orders...

This AMAZING sock monkey for Baby's Yule gift. Did I make it?? Did I bugger! I'm not that clever. No, credit must got to Melodie and her crafty little fingers. I love it and would like if for myself but am afraid of being laughed at when I carry it down the street stroking it's socky skin. That, and my baby needs a sock monkey ;)

And the obligatory bakings of the week: chocolate chunk cookies with macadamia nuts. Taste scrummy with a cold glass of milk. Yum. Want one anyone??

I also have two new slings. Hmmm, am thinking I have a wee addiction already. A gorgeous new Mei Tei from Caroline, and a Lucky Baby wrap...not managed to get photos yet but shall post as soon as I do.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another Charity Shop Hop!

More great bargains to be had...

Some books for Pixie for Yule...all as new, £1 each. Cat In the Hat; My Naughty Little Sister, Jabberwocky and a Picture Dictionary.

A Gap coat for hubby for £6.99...

Some FAB old books - Noddy and Hilda Boswell's poetry treasury - 1968 original. 30 p EACH...THIRTY FLIPPIN' PENCE! I mean, do these batty old ladies realise how much they will be treasured, not to mention their worth???

Some reflexology books,

£1 each

And a Per Una sweater for me...£4.99 - quite pricey by my standards but lovely and I can feed baby easily in it (in other words, I can get my boobies out quick and stress-free!)
And there was a lovely Enid Blyton book which I almost bought, before I realised that it was a new version. With Joe, Bessie and Frannie...and Rick, their cousin.
What a crock of s***?! Whatever happened to good old Jo, Bessie and Fanny...and a bit of Dick?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

More Autumny-ness

Is that even a word? Autumnyness. No, it's not, but it is my new word for the week. *Smug look*

An afternoon walk.

Crunching through the leaves...

Riding through the leaves...

The trees are a-changing. Lovely. Nearly Samhain.

Ivy is showing through over someone's hedge (note to self: this is where I need to "borrow" a little snippet from for the Yule Hearth. Will send the owner many good vibes in return).

Me and my bestest girl enjoying our afternoon amble in the leaves.
Enjoying the autumnyness. There, I got it in again.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Autumn Charity

Autumn baking and making:

MUFFINS - surprise! Banana and raisin - the best type ;)

Sweet potato and carrot soup,

Cheese-topped ciabatta bread,

And a mysterious little fruit we found whilst out walking
We identified it from Food For Free as a medlar fruit - uncanny as our correct postal address has our village  with the word Medlar in it, so perhaps these funky looking things were prevalent many years ago.

Some wonderful little bargains from the charity shop:

Schott's Miscellany (good old toilet reading), Goodnight Mr Tom (total classic), 2 vest tops from Next and Mini Mode, a brand-new Next straw bag with flowers, a dress and knicks, Tomy binoculars (or "bino-clears") as Pixie says - she loves looking at the moon and stars at night, and my bargain of the day - an almost-new Mini Boden dress and tights for Baby. All of this for £8.99!
Glad it was a different bloke serving today cos I nearly peed my pants with excitement at the price again!
I am sooo easily pleased.
I love much cheapness, second-hand chic and the whole reuse/recycle concept.
And I love muffins.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm still here!

I don't know where the time has gone, but I don't seem to have blogged for ages.

We're finally back home now to a house that is still a bit topsy turvy but much more livable.
So a very quick update to remind you're we're still very much here, still crafting, still being as green as we can and still eating muffins!
An ankle bracelet from a recent order:

A friend's scultpure made from reclaimed wood using...a CHAINSAW! This guy is amazing to watch work and does work to commission.

The bigger pixie child and her chalk drawing of the Sun.

So aside from cleaning up the house, and all having snotty colds, we're doing ok and looking forward to a cosy hibernating autumn and winter - you know that time of year where you simply cannot wait to crawl into a steaming bath followed by snuggly pyjamas and a hot cup of something (chamomile, tea, whisky - whatever makes you smile).
And of course, the obligatory slice of cakey.