Thursday, 8 October 2009

Autumn Charity

Autumn baking and making:

MUFFINS - surprise! Banana and raisin - the best type ;)

Sweet potato and carrot soup,

Cheese-topped ciabatta bread,

And a mysterious little fruit we found whilst out walking
We identified it from Food For Free as a medlar fruit - uncanny as our correct postal address has our village  with the word Medlar in it, so perhaps these funky looking things were prevalent many years ago.

Some wonderful little bargains from the charity shop:

Schott's Miscellany (good old toilet reading), Goodnight Mr Tom (total classic), 2 vest tops from Next and Mini Mode, a brand-new Next straw bag with flowers, a dress and knicks, Tomy binoculars (or "bino-clears") as Pixie says - she loves looking at the moon and stars at night, and my bargain of the day - an almost-new Mini Boden dress and tights for Baby. All of this for £8.99!
Glad it was a different bloke serving today cos I nearly peed my pants with excitement at the price again!
I am sooo easily pleased.
I love much cheapness, second-hand chic and the whole reuse/recycle concept.
And I love muffins.


Pippa said...

Great charity shop buys!! I know what you mean about charity shop chic. We went out today and most of the children had at least one item of second-hand clothing and a couple of them were totally dressed in charity shop bargains! It's much more funky and unique than following fashions fads I think!

lucy said...

I had those 'Binoclears' as a child :) xx

Claire said...

I've been wondering what medlars looked like. Thank you for that. Apparently you can do various things with them too!