Friday, 28 August 2009

Charity shop chic and salt dough play food

Well there are still some real bargains to be had in charity shops - especially the ones that don't have Betty and Rita, the 89-year-old arthritic volunteers that slap crazy price tags on everything donated from Primark and Tesco.
I got ALL of these things: Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal (Readers Digest - brand spanking new); 2 fiction books (like new);
This pair of Per Una pinstripe trousers (okay, so they're a little tight on the muffin-clad hips but you know, I'll be back running soon if my back heals quickly...)

A fab purpose-built crafting bag for my jewellery...

And this gorg (as new) Laura Ashley cardigan which admittedly doesn't cover my huge bazungas but still looks pretty cool left loose (not my boobs, the cardigan).

All for TEN WHOLE POUNDS! I mean, come on, what a bloody bargain! I nearly hyperventilated when I got the till in pure excitement of my find. Good job they were closing because I had spotted a cute little table in the back of the shop. God knows where I would have put it though...

A salt dough making session (daft Daddy thought the finished unpainted bits were biscuits, rather "too salty to give our daughter" and had I been a total biff and substituted the baking powder for salt? Serves him right for pinching one in the first place, and quite how he got his teeth into it I just don't know.)

Our bacon (or Quorn as Pixie says), eggs, peas, sausage and chips.

And a muffin of course - you know my obsession with all things cakey!

This is my little tiny pixie at the home ed group this week - snoring like a piglet and quite obviously really into the activities! She only wakes for mummy milk, a great big poo or a little laugh and chat. Oh, and some screaming colic now and then.
And, I am still SO tired :(

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Foraging, crochet, GP blanket and more!

Busy busy, forever busy!

Less words today, more pictures - it's quicker! I have lots to say but *no* time - wonder if there is an audio blog? Good job I can touch-type at a rapid rate of muffin-chomping words per minute.

We've been foraging for blackberries...which ended up in an apple and blackberry crumble. I would have taken a picture of it, but Mark ate it so fast there was no time. Greedy bugger ;)

Harvesting our lavender (well, out of my parents' garden and yes Daddy, I did leave enough for the bees...) which I made some little lavender pouches on crocheted hooks as car air fresheners (do excuse the amateur wonky stitching please).

Pixie playing the Jungle Boogie on the piano...

The almost-finished blanket from GP wool that was kindly sent to me for Baby's blanket. Just need a border on it and I sooooo will get on to it before Autumn. It's just I have no time (yada yada, yes change the record).

A gorgeous handknitted mobile for Baby by hubby's sister with the rest of the GP donated wool bits so it's a good use of the wool for baby!

Another two gorgeous mama-made gifts for our girls...

And some home-grown veggies from my friend's father's allotment. Going to pickle the beet and use some of the juice for a lip gloss - just awaiting some fresh organic shea butter hopefully coming Monday.
Am also going to make some solid lavender perfume too - I LOVE lavender! It's so soothing.
Dentist, home ed group, Physio, Health Visitor, friends' playdates...another busy week in which I endeavour to:
a) leave the house before midday;
b) be fully dressed not missing clothing or footwear (i.e. Thursday where I left the house wearing my slippers...
c) remember to put nursing pads in my bra so I don't look like I have power shower running from my breasts ;)
Ta ta for now xxx

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Big tomatoes and more gifts...

Look at my big tomatoes! (no pun intended).

Magical tomatoes that the lovely couple next door had in their hospital (also known as a 'greenhouse') as they were looking a little poorly. Ted has *magical* ingredients to help sick tomatoes (also known as horse poop) and they have been returned to us to be outside. They taste amazing.

More handmade gorgeousness in the post this last few days. We are so lucky to have been thought of - Baby and Pixie have some beautiful mama-crafted bits.
A lovely gift from Clair...

And another gorgeous surprise from Michelle - the pink one is called Lolly and is Baby's and the red one is Pixie's and she's named it Arthur! Because "Red is my absolute favourite colour, Mummy!" (sounding more Charlie and Lola every day ...)

Off for four days in my parents' caravan tomorrow - I thought it was rather brave of us: a tantrum-throwing three-year-old and a collicky newborn does not a happy family make! Although we are much more in control of the tantrums now and have some good diversion techniques.

I'm sure we'll have a great time and I am looking forward to getting away for a few days to some green(er) and pleasant land. Pics to follow as we go as laptop will be accompanying us!

The colic times are manageable too, with some homeopathy
and time in the sling to settle like magic.
Here is the result of Pixie's art session on The Hungry Caterpillar...

The Health Visitor also came this morning - Baby has gained almost a pound in weight - Mummy's Milk Rocks!
We also had a frank (and short) discussion re vaccinations and why there is no chuffin' way in hell I would allow my children to have vax for swine flu. End of. Bloody NHS and its 'programmes' for immunisations.
Off into the sunshine now and to hang those cute little nappies on the line!