Sunday, 16 August 2009

Foraging, crochet, GP blanket and more!

Busy busy, forever busy!

Less words today, more pictures - it's quicker! I have lots to say but *no* time - wonder if there is an audio blog? Good job I can touch-type at a rapid rate of muffin-chomping words per minute.

We've been foraging for blackberries...which ended up in an apple and blackberry crumble. I would have taken a picture of it, but Mark ate it so fast there was no time. Greedy bugger ;)

Harvesting our lavender (well, out of my parents' garden and yes Daddy, I did leave enough for the bees...) which I made some little lavender pouches on crocheted hooks as car air fresheners (do excuse the amateur wonky stitching please).

Pixie playing the Jungle Boogie on the piano...

The almost-finished blanket from GP wool that was kindly sent to me for Baby's blanket. Just need a border on it and I sooooo will get on to it before Autumn. It's just I have no time (yada yada, yes change the record).

A gorgeous handknitted mobile for Baby by hubby's sister with the rest of the GP donated wool bits so it's a good use of the wool for baby!

Another two gorgeous mama-made gifts for our girls...

And some home-grown veggies from my friend's father's allotment. Going to pickle the beet and use some of the juice for a lip gloss - just awaiting some fresh organic shea butter hopefully coming Monday.
Am also going to make some solid lavender perfume too - I LOVE lavender! It's so soothing.
Dentist, home ed group, Physio, Health Visitor, friends' playdates...another busy week in which I endeavour to:
a) leave the house before midday;
b) be fully dressed not missing clothing or footwear (i.e. Thursday where I left the house wearing my slippers...
c) remember to put nursing pads in my bra so I don't look like I have power shower running from my breasts ;)
Ta ta for now xxx


Arlenkern74 said...

hee hee your post made me laugh today x loving the handmade goodies xx

ruby said...

loved the last bit especially about the breast pads!! So funny and true.

the veggies look really good, I have a v.tiny cucumber growing-Yippee!!

Hope to see you at home school meet x

mummybear said...

What a gorgeous blanket.