Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Big tomatoes and more gifts...

Look at my big tomatoes! (no pun intended).

Magical tomatoes that the lovely couple next door had in their hospital (also known as a 'greenhouse') as they were looking a little poorly. Ted has *magical* ingredients to help sick tomatoes (also known as horse poop) and they have been returned to us to be outside. They taste amazing.

More handmade gorgeousness in the post this last few days. We are so lucky to have been thought of - Baby and Pixie have some beautiful mama-crafted bits.
A lovely gift from Clair...

And another gorgeous surprise from Michelle - the pink one is called Lolly and is Baby's and the red one is Pixie's and she's named it Arthur! Because "Red is my absolute favourite colour, Mummy!" (sounding more Charlie and Lola every day ...)

Off for four days in my parents' caravan tomorrow - I thought it was rather brave of us: a tantrum-throwing three-year-old and a collicky newborn does not a happy family make! Although we are much more in control of the tantrums now and have some good diversion techniques.

I'm sure we'll have a great time and I am looking forward to getting away for a few days to some green(er) and pleasant land. Pics to follow as we go as laptop will be accompanying us!

The colic times are manageable too, with some homeopathy
and time in the sling to settle like magic.
Here is the result of Pixie's art session on The Hungry Caterpillar...

The Health Visitor also came this morning - Baby has gained almost a pound in weight - Mummy's Milk Rocks!
We also had a frank (and short) discussion re vaccinations and why there is no chuffin' way in hell I would allow my children to have vax for swine flu. End of. Bloody NHS and its 'programmes' for immunisations.
Off into the sunshine now and to hang those cute little nappies on the line!


Dawn said...

Have a lovely few days away. Phoebe sounds quite like my daughter with the Charlie and Lola talk :)
Nice Toms!

Danigirl said...

We got your lovely thank you card today - Meg loved the little pink feet and insited we do foot paintng immediately, I agreed to let her paint my foot too (ok not my cleverest idea) and I ended up with a purple leg! Have a lovely few days away :-) Clair x

shell said...

Thank you for the card my Lovely. Hope you have a great few days away. xxx

Michelle said...

I'm glad Phoebe liked the doll. I've also got a lola double here, she even has Morten over to play!

Have a lovely time away


ruby said...

Have a lovely time away, thank you for our card, it made me smile at the tiny feet!!
Im jealous at the size of your tomatoes mine are puny, green and mouldy!!!