Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Nursing necklace and cloth bums!

Just another quickie - my time to myself has diminished to grabbing a quick coffee (decaf, of course) and a bagel before whipping my boobs out. Again.

Things are more settled here, and the lovely Baby is growing nicely. Pixie insists on giving her many curls-in-your-face kisses and hugs and is rather taken with her. Every time she cries, I get: "Come on mummy, your sister is crying again!" Not sure she understands that I now have two daughters and Baby is her sister...

Anyhooooo, I was going to order one of those beautiful nursing necklaces from Lait D'Amour and a matching booby reminder bracelet - I still can't figure out/remember which breast I fed from last - they're both still huge! I wanted the name on them to read: "Baby's Next Boob", but to my horror, they don't have apostrophe beads. How can this be? The nice lady assured me that you wouldn't notice that the name didn't have an apostrophe. I'm sorry, but as a former editor, proofreader and pedantic nut, I SO would notice. I can't even bring myself to type how it would look - it's all wrong! So as beautiful and perfect as they are, I have had to decline and make my own. 

So back to my usual 'bust whatever pretty beads ya can find and break 'em down' motto, I constructed this set:

From two old wooden beaded belts. Quite pleased with them and it certainly helps being reminded which side to feed from next. Picture is a bit pants though - not sure what setting hubby has put the camera on but it's not just right.

And just a cutie shot of my little girl with her huge cloth bum! The nappy is bigger than her, but does the job nicely.
Gorgeous isn't she? I could eat her.

But I won't.


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Danigirl said...

Claire, she is beautiful, and the apostrophe bit made me laugh out loud as it's something I'm really pedantic about too :-)

Best wishes