Monday, 13 July 2009

Our beautiful new daughter!

Eveline May

Well she's finally here!

After 9 months of me whinging my ass off, feeling dreadful and suffering many undignified pokings, proddings, biopsies, cameras up my was totally all worth it to bring our beautiful daughter in to this mad and crazed world.

At 15.55hrs on Saturday 11th July, Eveline May was born (pronounced 'Ever-line').

My amazing husband and his new girl.

She weighed in at a good 9lbs 1oz, and was ten days over her estimated date of delivery. I managed to coax her out before any induction threats could be carried out. So ha!

A hospital birth, that was extremely positive with minimal intervention compared to my first birthing experience, and I was aware of everything going on - but apparently I did ramble on about organic green tea for some reason...

My first memory, as I had laboured resting over the back of a hospital bed, was her being thrust between my legs and staring up at me.

I must have been in total shock at the great lump that had just popped out of me, because I was staring at the umbilical cord and wondering that the baby's penis looked a little odd...

Mark was worrying at this point as I froze and couldn't touch her or anything, but seriously, after such hard work and pain, the shock of a baby coming out of your insides is enough to make any normal person a little unbalanced.

Pixie just loves her new baby sister, and we've had a lovely afternoon all at home together for the first time, just playing, reading and then we bathed the girls together. Even Baby weeing on her sister didn't phase Pixie who just shrugged her shoulders. We've managed to hold off any visitors until tomorrow, so we've had a mini babymoon. Not as long as I would like though :(

We've had a little glass of Champagne together to toast our ladies, so please join us in counting our blessings. Raise your cup of cocoa/tea/gin/*insert your tipple here*...

Cheers everyone!




Lucie said...

Awww, she's gorgeous!! Well done you! :-)


Arlenkern74 said...

i raise my cup of tea to you this morning xx congratulations she is beautiful xx

Michelle said...

I was teary reading that. Eveline is beautiful and the photo of you,Eveline and Phoebe is georgeous.

You look so well.

Congratulations and big hugs to you all


ruby said...

Ohh Claire, she is adorable and well done to you my lovely for getting her out in time!!

Silly I know but my eyes have filled up and now my boys think Im a loon!!

Hope to see you soon, xxx

shell said...

Well done beautiful mama. The photos are just gorgeous. Huge congratulations to you all. xxxx

Dawn said...

Oh, how lovely. Huge congratulations to you and your family.

Dawn said...

Ooh, just noticed - that's the exact same hat my daughter had on the day she was born. Sorry for duplicate comment, but as I clikced away I thought I recognise that hat!

Pippa said...

That's a lovely post and gorgeous photos. Many congratulations, you look a very happy family!! Enjoy!!

Roof said...

Oh what a lovely post! She's a smasher, xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! She's beautiful- all squidgey and round like a newborn should be =] hurrah to you all!

Miss Meep said...

Huge congratulations - she's just beautiful!

Jacqui said...

Lots of congratulations to you - you clever thing! Eveline is so absolutely gorgeous. xxx

lucy said...

weldone mama she is soooooo beautiful and you look radiant x
cant wait for my little bundle now :)

Lucy xx