Saturday, 11 July 2009 HURTS!

"But do you know the best thing about pain? It lets you know you're not dead yet." (Viggo Mortenson, GI Jane 1997).

Balls. I'd rather not be feeling this level of pain thanks, Viggo.

So I've been at this labour lark for over 24 hours. It's 04.45hrs now. I can't sleep cos it hurts too much. Contractions are between 7-8 minutes apart and oh my goodness they chuffin' are agony! I had forgotten this bit! Can't think what it will be like in a few hours :(

10 days overdue and it looks like this baby will finally arrive today.

Pixie is sleeping at the parents house - her cousins are over from Hong Kong so she's happy as anything to have two little boys to boss around. She also thinks delivering a baby is like popping out to Tesco for a quick shop. I sooooo wish it was.

And I'm all tearful and missing her. And hubby is as much use as a flippin' Rice Krispie, snoring away saying "Darling, wake me when you need me" and promptly falling straight back asleep.

I have my faithful dog though, who hasn't left my side in hours. Even though he does keep trumping, it's better than nothing.

So hopefully this is the final blog before baby arrives. Wish me some peaceful vibes...please.



Pippa said...

It hurts, but it will all be worth it!! Away from the computer now and get into more relaxing positions!! Very exciting!!

Joxy said...


Sending you some strength honey so you can get through this stage onto the pushing stage and seeing that beautiful baby of yours :-)

shell said...

Oh my lovely, hope things are going ok for you. I'll be thinking of you all day, sending positive vibes and buckets of love.


ruby said...

oh Claire hope your doing great, will be thinking of you too all day, yippeee bambino's nearly here!!!!

sending you smiles and hugs xx

Arlenkern74 said...

much love xx how exciting xx can't wait to hear when baby arrives xxx

Michelle said...

Just saw this post. Hope everything is going ok. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way


Roof said...

Very excited to read this and really a bit teary too - hope you are enjoying gorgeously wonderful snuggles with your little bub now, xx

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh does this mean you have a baby now???UPDATE! never mind babymoons, get online hehehe ;P

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the news!!!

Becky (GP)