Monday, 6 July 2009

Baby is NEARLY here...I'm sure of it!

Just a quickie - baby is overdue by the EDD, but you know...never mind! I'm sure baby will arrive when it's good and ready. We are ready and waiting - having acupuncture in the morning, got extra homeopathic remedies today and had some lovely reflexology, so I'm all relaxed. Ahhhhhhhhh!

And every other fecker is completely impatient, texting/calling, asking retarded questions like: "Are you in pain yet?" Do these monkeys think that's helpful? Just about held out from telling anyone to piss off at the minute, but I *may* lose the remainder of my manners and actually do it - hormones as an excuse me thinks? Grrrrrrr!
So over to nicer things.
We have three gifts for Pixie from Baby...

The first is a gorgeous bag made by the wonderful Shell - I haven't yet taken a piccie because Pixie has been all around everywhere and we have packed it into the hospital bag ready to give to her when she visits, so here are some pics from her blog - she has an amazing talent for beautiful things and I am proud to be able to own some gorg pieces she has made.

The second is a jigsaw which is just that; a jigsaw! A doll's house design, hidden away in the kitchen.

And the third is a picture of a fairy for Phoebe's new bedroom.

Here is a pic of a bracelet that I have made for a friend - she sent some great chickweed ointment for Pixie when her eczema flared up. It's crackled olive glass, a bit of hematite and Tiger's Eye mixed with matching rocaille beads.

And Pixie, going the only way there is to roof rack on Daddy's car!

So...we're all set for Baby. Ready when you are bundle of loveness?



shell said...

You can tell me p*** off if you like ;-). That picture looks fabulous. xx

Moray said...

You sound like you're in just the right place for babs to put in an appearence Claire. All systems go !
But don't you think Phee might get a bit cold up there in the winter!?

nocton4 said...

sending love and more love to you all xxx

ruby said...

well, is it here yet?!!!! LOL

thanks for the link to the picture, I hope Phoebe likes it!!

take care and think happy thoughts x x x