Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Weekend activities

Here is hubby's pizza. And very nice it was too, although I made the dough and sauce, so not sure how much was actually his pizza...bless, but he does get excited when he creates a cullinary marvel ;) Half carnivore, half herbivore pizza - with very clear definitions so no manky pieces of chorizo or ham crept onto my lovely pepper and Quorn half.

My Amazon stash arrived:

A CD for hubby and a straw bale building book - we are having an extension and it will be straw baled - yay! Just need to figure out timescale and get cracking.

Two H.E. Bates books for me and Grow Your Own Drugs, or which hubby's eyes nearly popped out of his head at, thinking that I was intending starting a hash factory or something...although with the HUGE Jiffy bag of fresh fennel that a certain girl sent to me, people might believe him!

Madam in her tent that Daddy made:

and on the swing having a thoughtful moment:

I have been mostly anticipating every twinge, then panicking when I do get one; wondering if my lady parts are capable of providing an escape route for this baby. I know this is what my body is built for, but I truly think I'm a bit defective and it won't work. Bugger. Cos today is my due date and I really don't think I have the option of turning back now.


Arlenkern74 said...

lovely pizza claire,due date today wow !! hope all goes well xx

Moray said...

Have been checking to see how you're doing, great that you're at due date now. I know only too well what you mean about wanting it all to start, but then panicking when you do get a twinge. Few more weeks for me, the waiting is a killer!
Your pizza looks lovely by the way, fancy making one for me?!

Pippa said...

I always got really excited when my due dates came, I was always a loooong way late of my due date, but it's still a lovely milestone. I went out and treated myself to an Emma Bridgewater mug when Min's due date came. It reminds me of the special day every time I make a cuppa with it!!

Really, really exciting part of pregnancy!!