Saturday, 20 June 2009

Still here...

"C'mon lumpy - let's help you out of bed then!"

When this is said by your three-year-old, you know you must be a bit of a potato.
And I do truly think I am cooked. After this week's false alarm with a disappointing end (i.e. no baby), I do think I may last until my due date or beyond. Baby must be comfy in there so I shall respect its wishes to continue to use my bladder as a squeeze toy, press down on my cervix like it's a trampoline and generally be all squirmy.
(You will have to excuse the attractive PJ pants, dire purple cardigan and thank goodness my head is missed off the shot)

Our new hens are settled much more - I love Matilda, the White Leghorn - she is sooooo pretty. Both girls are laying now - Matilda's eggs are lovely and white and the size of a thimble - I think they'll get bigger though. She gets bullied by the other hens and I get upset (hormones maybe, or just 'cos I'm soft).

After visiting another pregnant friend yesterday, I left feeling quite sad. Her husband has very fixed ideas re babies and is determined to ship the child out of their bedroom by 6 weeks old (because he 'has needs'), she has to stop breastfeeding by 5 months as "it's not right for any longer" and other such strong inclinations. I asked why you would put so many boundaries upon a newborn whose needs are so much more important. Apparently, his needs are greater...ho hum, I know everyone is different, and I rejoice in that, but sometimes it pisses me off!

I made her a labour oil for massage during labour (obviously!) but she said "he won't do that sort of thing so it would be wasted". What a shame, and what the chuffin' use is he going to be to her in labour if he won't even massage her back? Gah, I give up.

This is a crochet flower brooch (not a butterfly as wondered by my father...) for my mum's birthday.
We went out for a lovely meal. This is the bracelet Pixie made for her...I think it's a fab design for a little girl. I just fitted the clasp on the end - she chose the beads and got on with it herself.


shell said...

That bump looks lovely (and definitely cooked xx). I agree about some people - we just smile and bite our tongue while going argh on the inside too. Thinking birthing vibes for you - fingers crossed for the solstice xx

Anonymous said...

Feel a bit bad for your friend.... hesitate to sound like my granny here, but she could do with "gettin' him whipped" Failing that, a arefully chosen selection of four letter words would suffice.

And cute cute cute babybump! Well cooked, obviously just adding those finishing touches!

Pixie muffly rubinska said...

what a shame that your friends fella is a Neanderthal!
Your bumps a nice size now hehe, Im sure baby will come soon.
The crochet is so cute, i must practise more.

Miss Meep said...

Fab bump - but hope it turns into an even more fab baby for you very soon!