Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Gah! When will this baby come?

Well I'm not up to my due date yet, but yesterday, it looked like baby was well on its way.

03.30hrs I woke up with horrendous backache and strong contractions. I soooo thought that was it. My mum came over first thing and 'took me for a walk'. The contractions kept coming and were rather painful and I was thinking I was doing really well breathing through them. We sent Pixie to my parents in the hope that we would be dashing to the hospital to deliver and I spent the rest of the evening bouncing around on my little gym ball willing my cervix to open and then...




Everything stopped. I had the best night's sleep for months. But still no baby :( I am really impatient and can't cope with another fortnight of this: I want baby to arrive NOW!


Becks said...

Oh Claire, I have been looking for an update from you. Especially as I had a similar night! Let's hope it's not much longer for both of us. Sharing all my labour vibes with you ;-)
Best wishes

shell said...

You need a good night in with hubby ;-)

Keep thinking of you Lovely


Claire said...

Midwife says it won't be much longer so let's hope she's right! Baby is tucked right down so maybe an evening in with hubby might help to start things up again Shell ;) Will keep you updated! xxx

Miss Meep said...

Was wondering how you were getting on. Nothing happening here either. Hope your baby comes really soon x