Sunday, 7 June 2009

Why aye man!

This week I have mostly been...watching re-runs of Auf Wiedersehen Pet! Bloody fantastic, and I rather think I have a bit of a thing for Jimmy Nail. I know, I know, he's not your average sex god of Brad Pitt style (who, I might add, does absolutely bugger all for me - I don't like pretty men).

No, I think it's the rough and rugged look, the Geordie dialect (even though my WHOLE family except me are Geordies) and the general real man-ness about him. Yum. Why aye man!

Anyhooooo, back to reality. A lovely gift arrived via the postman yesterday morning:

A gorgeous yellow snuggly for baby from Shell. Also inside was a Kipper book for Pixie who was delighted with "Shell from the forum for being so kind sending me and baby a gift!"

I also think the Postman got way more than he bargained for when I opened the door to receive my parcel and my 37-weeks-pregnant belly prevented my dressing gown from closing efficiently. Boobs and lady parts *may* have waved at the outside world for a second. But hey, I have lost the majority of dignity now, so I wasn't that appalled. Can't same the same for the scarred postie though...

Ho hum, this is my new knitted handbag. Now, I know you'd love it if I said I knit this myself, but I really would be lying my ass off. My mother did it 'cos I have zero knitting ability still. But I love it - it's just so furry and cuddly.

I've also been working on more jewellery commissions, and been busy playing with wire and beads:

And in between all this frenetic activity (ha!) I am still waddling around with a knackered pelvis, being a hormonal puddle (I cried when I saw hubby at his market stall and he looked cold - I wanted to bring him home! What's that all about?!) and gathering all my birth things.
So we have reflexology sessions lined up pre-labour, am still self-treating with Reiki and hypnotherapy, acupuncture post-natal, aromatherapy oils and crystals at the ready, as are the homeopathic remedies for every possible scenario...
Baby is well below the pelvic brim now (don't I chuffing know it) happily using my bladder as a squeeze toy and preventing me getting out of bed to pee in the night. I have actually considered just weeing in the bed as it's such a hassle to get out, but decided hubby would not appreciate that so much. So I haven't.
I spend my evenings happily bouncing around on my birthing ball trying to be comfy and hoping this little one wants to come out sooner than later. It's been a loooooooooong 9 months, I tell you.


shell said...

oh, laughing my pants off at the postie scenario, they must have seen some things in their time ;-)

Becks said...

Hey now, don't you be popping before me!! I'll not have it!
The last few weeks are flipping hard work aren't they?
Hey the race is on ;-)
And love the postie image....I swear mine still expects to get a repeat flash of boob every time he has to knock. Well I didn't know I'd forgotten to hook back up after a feed did I?

Daisypip said...

This post gave me a giggle, I confess to my own secret 'thing' for Jimmy Nail at one time, lol. My sisters tortured me with rendetions of crocidile shoes!