Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Why do I do silly things?

Ok so 3 weeks before baby arrives is not the time to do some garden maintenance.

And I'm not talking about the great outdoors either.

I'll be frank: me, in the shower, a hand-held mirror and a razor. Without contact lenses. It really wasn't the most sensible thing to attempt.

And when I am eventually birthing this child, who in the world will care whether my Brazillian has been maintained for nine long months?

Must get on with transferring seedlings too (on a less personal and completely different note). Our basil and melon are well sprouted and need to be planted outside. The tomatoes are doing great with lots of fruit already on them; we have no idea what else is planted as it was my fab idea to write on the wooden stakes with felt tip pen, and the rain has washed off the writing. Pregnant brain again...

Have a million and one things to finish/start before baby comes too. Made a list this morning but don't quite know where to start.

The news henny pennies are lovely, but my hen, the hardy and fierce Monica, is in solitary confinement. She won't leave them alone and attacks them constantly. So we have had to build an additional pen as a temporary measure while she chills out a bit and the new girls get a bit bigger and tougher. Monica is a Warren hen, complete with the attitude and aggressiveness of a battery chook. Hopefully she will adjust or we will have to give her to a friend for his smallholding as she can permanently free-range then, and be less likely to be trouble.

I am also STILL waiting for maternity pay. Because I have been off sick my entire pregnancy, my employer is unable to pay me and I have had to claim from the dole police for maternity allowance. What a chuffing joke: a 39-page form, a load of paperwork requests and a nine-week wait for claim updates, so I have been without money for almost two months. Phone calls get the same response: "Oh, it might be another few weeks before you hear anything yet". Wonderful - apparently it's ok though, because I am 'in the system'.

My hospital bag is ready, complete with crystals, homeopathic remedies (although I do need some stronger ones...), the usual bits...just need some snacks for hubby. Might get him a packet of Hob Nobs like last labour day, and he can sit in the corner crunching them like a squirrel. It can be like a reminiscence for him.

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Ruby said...

thanks for making me laugh so hard I spluttered out my cup of tea!!! That is a funny vision.