Friday, 28 August 2009

Charity shop chic and salt dough play food

Well there are still some real bargains to be had in charity shops - especially the ones that don't have Betty and Rita, the 89-year-old arthritic volunteers that slap crazy price tags on everything donated from Primark and Tesco.
I got ALL of these things: Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal (Readers Digest - brand spanking new); 2 fiction books (like new);
This pair of Per Una pinstripe trousers (okay, so they're a little tight on the muffin-clad hips but you know, I'll be back running soon if my back heals quickly...)

A fab purpose-built crafting bag for my jewellery...

And this gorg (as new) Laura Ashley cardigan which admittedly doesn't cover my huge bazungas but still looks pretty cool left loose (not my boobs, the cardigan).

All for TEN WHOLE POUNDS! I mean, come on, what a bloody bargain! I nearly hyperventilated when I got the till in pure excitement of my find. Good job they were closing because I had spotted a cute little table in the back of the shop. God knows where I would have put it though...

A salt dough making session (daft Daddy thought the finished unpainted bits were biscuits, rather "too salty to give our daughter" and had I been a total biff and substituted the baking powder for salt? Serves him right for pinching one in the first place, and quite how he got his teeth into it I just don't know.)

Our bacon (or Quorn as Pixie says), eggs, peas, sausage and chips.

And a muffin of course - you know my obsession with all things cakey!

This is my little tiny pixie at the home ed group this week - snoring like a piglet and quite obviously really into the activities! She only wakes for mummy milk, a great big poo or a little laugh and chat. Oh, and some screaming colic now and then.
And, I am still SO tired :(


shell said...

What fantastic bargains. Loving that salt-dough too - looks good enough to eat. xxx

Pippa said...

Those charity shop bargains are great!! No wonder you were excited!! I love the salt dough too, it reminded me of when my father complained about the new biscuits he'd found in the cupboard - cat biscuits!!

lucy said...

gotta love charity shops x
your little pixie looks so squigebly cute x

Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

Lcharity shops! I discovered a copy of Neal's Yard Wholefood Cookbook in one a few weeks ago and made one of those squealy noises...

Love the salt dough..must plan a little salt dough session soon..on the other hand, Willow actually would eat it..

Pomona said...

I know what you mean about charity shops - I have seen Matalan T-shirts for more than the original price! But this week I also found an as-new White Stuff dress, and school clothes with the original labels still on - very satisfying!

Great to have discovered your blog - I'm always pleased to find other eco-types - sometimes it feels like I am the only one I know!

Pomona x

Claire said...

It's lovely to know people read my blog! It's just my mad ramblings, but I do enjoy writing it - a bit of e-therapy; rather cathartic I reckon!