Monday, 7 September 2009

Relocation Relocation Relocation!

Our recent harvest of carrots, no bigger than babies' toes :(

Relocation Relocation Relocation...

We're currently living at my parents house due to the mad and dusty renovations in our abode. I don't mind the communal living, although my temper and that of my father's are incredibly similar, hence the volcanic erruptions when tiredness ensues. Hubby is sleeping in between the parents' house and our house, depending on what days he works.

Dad is doing the renovations with the hubby and he is working so hard to finish things. We're having an all-fairy theme so I am busy colouring, yes colouring - extra special of me, I know, but it's rather therapeutic and relaxing all the same.

The parents' house is huge, and has a great garden - this is the view from the patio where I'm blogging from:

The big pixie playing clothes shops using Mother's sewing box as a cash till.

The littlest pixie waking up from her afternoon booby-induced slumber.

I am spending my days in between home and the parents' house, cooking, baking and washing nappies - my mother is doing ALL our ironing. SCORE!
I don't do ironing. If I did, children would not get fed, cleaning would not get done and I would not be able to even pee during the daytime. So I wash, dry, shove in any available cupboard space, and... job done.

Mum did the cakes, I did the muffins (surprised, are we?).

I will blog piccies of the rooms as we go.

Here is a gorgeous knitted hat from my Mum for Baby (well I think summer has well and truly evaporated, don't you?)

Baby wearing her new charity shop purchase of a gorg little dress - £1. Bargain! Lolly Dolly courtesy of the lovely Michelle.

I have several jewellery orders in and need to finish them today, although hungry baby is not helping this job. She must be having a bit of a growth spurt but I feel like my boobs have been permanently displayed for days!

And I really must get some writing done. I've had bugger all published since Pixie was born. I seem to mince my spare time away eating muffins, GP, FB and email-catchy-ups. So tonight is the night for synopsis writing, sorting admin (which is in absolute cack state by the way) and trying to be something other than a mummy and wife. I'll wish myself good luck on the last job ;)


shell said...

Bliimey, that was a post and a half! What are you writing - do tell? :-)

Miss Meep said...

Oh wow, Eveline is growing fast! She's gorgeous.

Pippa said...

We moved into my mother and step-father's house a few years ago for a fortnight while we moved house and we ended up staying 7 MONTHS!!! All six of us, crammed into one small bedroom with all our clothes, books, toys etc packed away in storage. When you start to miss your teaspoons, you KNOW it's time you moved out!! Hope this does not happen with you and best of luck with the book! Sounds exciting!

ruby said...

loving the background - how cute!, I am envious of that garden and your mothers sewing box!!
Mmm yummy scrummy muffins how truly lovely they make life seem!!
Eveline looks so big now, your booby milk must be super good! x