Sunday, 11 October 2009

More Autumny-ness

Is that even a word? Autumnyness. No, it's not, but it is my new word for the week. *Smug look*

An afternoon walk.

Crunching through the leaves...

Riding through the leaves...

The trees are a-changing. Lovely. Nearly Samhain.

Ivy is showing through over someone's hedge (note to self: this is where I need to "borrow" a little snippet from for the Yule Hearth. Will send the owner many good vibes in return).

Me and my bestest girl enjoying our afternoon amble in the leaves.
Enjoying the autumnyness. There, I got it in again.


Danigirl said...

Loving the new word, will have to use it lots this week :-D

Pippa said...

Autumny-ness is a great word and yes, the times they are a-changing!! You can feel it in the air. I love the rich smells of the fallen leaves and all the beautiful colours. We never used to celebrate this time of year when I was little, but how can you not celebrate it? So much magic around and everything changing all around us!! I'm looking forward to Halloween and Samhain celebrations this year!

nocton4 said...

gorgeous girlies xx