Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another Charity Shop Hop!

More great bargains to be had...

Some books for Pixie for Yule...all as new, £1 each. Cat In the Hat; My Naughty Little Sister, Jabberwocky and a Picture Dictionary.

A Gap coat for hubby for £6.99...

Some FAB old books - Noddy and Hilda Boswell's poetry treasury - 1968 original. 30 p EACH...THIRTY FLIPPIN' PENCE! I mean, do these batty old ladies realise how much they will be treasured, not to mention their worth???

Some reflexology books,

£1 each

And a Per Una sweater for me...£4.99 - quite pricey by my standards but lovely and I can feed baby easily in it (in other words, I can get my boobies out quick and stress-free!)
And there was a lovely Enid Blyton book which I almost bought, before I realised that it was a new version. With Joe, Bessie and Frannie...and Rick, their cousin.
What a crock of s***?! Whatever happened to good old Jo, Bessie and Fanny...and a bit of Dick?


Joxy said...

No really???? They've changed the names? Ohhh I'll have to watch out for that. I love Enid Blyton, but I didn't realise they had tampered with the words - I mean for goodness sakes, it's part of the charm!

Besides one my brothers was called Richard, but we all called him Dick... never thought anything of it to be honest lol.

Michelle said...

They just shouldn't mess with Enid Blyton lol. T has really got into the Noddy books. They've released a lot of classic stories and she adored having them read to her. I've just ordered her a Noddy christmas story from Amazon.

Talie said...

Right that does it! Tomorrow I is off Charity shoppin'. I haven't been to see any batty ol' ladies for ages!
Was going to do the rounds (got three in our town) today but the housework was calling :(