Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This is how I am feeling this particular Sunday - purely lazy. Because I can be.

The smallest pixie is tucked up in her cot making sweet snorting noises in her sleep. The ever-growing large seedling is enjoying an audio book on her headphones, whilst my chap is busy with his accounts.

I have a stack of work to do, but hey, chilling with a good cup of coffee and browsing the web looking at all manner of lovely blogs. I rarely get this time to relax, so I am definitely making the most of it before my peace is shattered.

I am back  onto the crochet blanket I started last year(I am a shoddy time-keeper) and am determined to finish it quickly. Mainly because I'm so bloody chilly in the evenings.

I have requests from the kidlets for some crochet slippers so I will have to get on with them soon. They may be ready by next year if I'm quick.

Ah, I best get back to doing something productive...

Happy Sunday chilling and relaxing!

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