Sunday, 11 July 2010

One is a very big number

Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful baby girl. You have had the cheekiest of twinkles in your eyes today, and the beamiest smiles for all in sight.

Also, you have eaten more than is physically possible for such a small girl. Perhaps it's because you're having a growth spurt, or maybe now that you're one, our food bill will rise drastically...

But it's lovely to see you eating and enjoying your food so much

And cleaning you up afterwards.

One year ago, I was in incredible pain but knowing it would be so worth it to see and touch my small girl for the first time. Of course at that point, it hurt so bloody much, I wasn't really that rational (see here for proof) and I may have sworn a little, because we're honest here. No smug fairies - it frickin' hurt!

But oh...

You were beautiful and BIG! How did you come out I'll never know. My lady parts are still shocked. But come out you did and me and Daddy were instantly in love.

You have had such a busy year, growing and playing and loving.

Just like your sister, you are the apple of Daddy's eye, and every time you raise your hands for a cuddle and coo "Ba ba!", Daddy's heart melts a little.

We had great fun in the sun this year

And fun in the cold

The love between you and your big sister is amazing and she adores you completely and is the kindest girl to you. Even when you stick your fingers in her eyes.

So grow tall my baby, grow wild and grow happy. We wish you love and freedom and all that you wish yourself, always.

Mammy & Daddy xxx


shell said...

A beautiful post - happy birthday Eveline xxx

Danigirl said...

Beautiful, glad you all had a lovely day xx

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Eveline x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

how gorgeous - love this post.

Roof said...

Happy Birthday, Eveline! What lovely piccies :)

Miss Meep said...

Aw, she's amazing. Happy birthday Eveline!