Thursday, 8 July 2010

A better week :)

Well I feel a little less like jumping ship this week!

I don't know why, perhaps it's hormonal or something...I certainly haven't had any more sleep: Miss Tiddly Pom has had yet another ear perforation - her 8th in total, poor monkey. I actually took her to the GPs today, useless clusterfucks that they are. Our homeopath is on the case and we have another prescription to help. But I do think another set of grommets will be required :( And how much hearing damage there is, is another issue. But she doesn't seem to be in too much discomfort.

And Tiddly Wink is as beautiful as ever - here is a picture of her with her new adornments - yes, it IS a bath plug. The gorgeous little weirdo. And she puts in on herself, along with her sister's beads. It's all about the fashion you know! She turns one this weekend and I can't believe how time has flown. I will blog her birthday because it's such a special day for her. And us. From me and hubby going from supposedly infertile to two beautiful and smart babies - it's a total blessing and one which we will be eternally thankful for.

And here are my spinach and cheese muffins. Who knew that muffins minus the sugar and choccie could taste so flippin' good. Awesome and used up the remainder of our veggie box from Abel and Cole.

And as for my crap and shitty organisation (or disorganisation) I have reverted back to my beloved filofax. I have some lovely felt material that I have bought to make a nice little sleeve for it. The felt is 100% recycled post-consumer waste from plastic bottles. I do have to add that my professional organisation is rather top drawer (in case any clients are reading :) ) but our family life is totally chaotic and I never know where and when we should be places, even with a family calender. Pfffft. That's just me though.

And finally this week, our first box from Graze arrived

A fab idea of a mixed healthy snack box delivered to your door for £2.99. Here is the link to their site and a code for first box and delivery FREE! - 6CCMRBDN

Love to everyone out there :) xxx


Danigirl said...

Glad your week is going better :-D Can't believe little tiddly wink is nearly 1 already! Hope she has a wonderful day :-D Love the look of those muffins - must add to my baking list :-D

Dawn said...

Wow, where did that year go, happy birthday to tiddly wink soon!
Loving the bath plug ... girl has style ;-)

Take care, hope the ears improve soon - poor thing indeed.


shell said...

OMG, she's nearly one, how did that happen!!!

Love to all