Friday, 6 March 2009


Well it's 06.00hrs and I've been awake for over two hours. Boo hiss boo. Wiggling child in my tum is quite violent I think, and feels like it may be using my bladder as a punch bag for fun. That, and our new bed has only half-arrived (memory mattress, but not the new bed) so I can feel every spring, coil, Kicky Kickerson husband and his two left feet and heartburn.

Aside from that, it's all good baby!

Had a productive day yesterday: set up a new web address (more to follow...) ordered a horrendous amount of new beads and findings, my lovely new eco packaging arrived (a yummy green colour) and also my lovely new hand-made purse courtesy of Shell. It is now in full use and so cute too.

We managed to meet a friend for coffee - something that hasn't been so possible with me being so vile and ill for the last 6 months, which was lovely.

Pixie then helped Daddy clean out the chooks - Mummy's tum is far too huge to get down into the hen hut, so Daddy has taken over the role completely - I am just the feeder now!

And here are some more choice shots from Pixie's photography skills...a piccie of Toby Dog munching his tea...

And a cheeky girl pinching peppers before tea!

and another abstract piccie sideways on of two keyboards together. You can't say she doesn't have an eye for composition!

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shell said...

Show us your boxes, show us your boxes ;-).

Glad you like your purse.