Thursday, 26 February 2009

A rant..and something nice!

Well the broadsheets are at it again, regarding home education and sea of child abusers that must be hidden amongst us all. It's appalling really, that a minority group is attacked in this way. Vijay Patel, some 'policy advisor' from the NSPCC has publicly made comments linking home education and the tragic case of little Victoria ClimbiƩ - how uneducated and short-sighted can one man be?

If the government departments of welfare had anything about them and have their so-called 'protection' policies in place, the murder of this child would not have happened. Instead, let's just find the nearest group to divert blame from those responsible...home educators.

There are now calls for this eejit's public apology and resignation.

On a light note, a lovely man via Freecyle has kindly let us have a hand blender. Ours died a sudden and (I think) over-used death a while ago, so now I can pureƩ our lovely soups with ease once more!

We visited a play group this morning which was nice. They even sang lots of songs telling us Jesus loves us and blesses us, which was a little OTT, and Pixie wants to know who this Jesus fella is. I told her that stories have said he was a healer and a carpenter - all a three-year-old needs to know until they can discover for themselves.

"So mummy, he fixes things and puts his hands on people then?" Yup, I guess so baby!

Then the best bit of my day: "Oh mummy, I love you so very much: you are my bestest girl!" Bloody hormones causing another tear episode for me....

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