Sunday, 29 March 2009

Charity shop hop!

Wow, it was certainly a day for bargains yesterday!

First, I got 4 books for £1.49!!!!! ONE POUND FORTY NINE PENNIES FOR FOUR BOOKS - HOW FAB?!

The children's atlas was only £1.49 too.
Then, I found four gorgeous tea light holders for only 30p each - I nearly elbowed an old lady out the way to get to them (sorry Doris!).

A gorgeous vintage chain with gemstones and crystals on for £1.49.

Mr Postman (who is quickly becoming the most regular vistor at our house!) brought us a beautiful and unexpected surprise from lovely Shell - a fabby jewellery mag for me - she must have known I was needing some new inspiration! And a lovely Pixie doll, made by Wodgey, for the Pixie as she was so brave following her operation. Both gifts are truly appreciated with love, and Pixie girl is now called Emma and likes to be snuggled in bed. Thanks hon xxx

And a gorgeous blast of sunshine

Baby is growing incredibly well and is shifting from side to side in my tum, which feels like a washing machine drum with something damn heavy in it, slowly turning. Chocolate helps ;) 13 weeks to go and counting...considering a doula for the birth too.
And the lovely husband returned from his golfing travels.
A great weekend in all and the weather was awesome today, although not quite warm enough for 3/4 length trousers I found.

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shell said...

You are most welcome Lovely. Thank you.