Sunday, 15 March 2009

Super spring sunny Sunday!

What a lovely morning to wake up to! Albeit a tad early at 06.00hrs...what's the '0' stand for? Oh my god it's early! (Good Morning Vietnam?)

We have been busy making our Wishing Well (from a blog via The Crafty Crow) this morning , and dropping pennies in to make wishes (mine were health and happiness-related: Pixie's were ice-cream, a new slide and swing-related...)

Anyhooooo, child has just gone down for a nap after mucheth protest. I think I may have wrestled her into bed after a tickling session - she was up far too early too and suffers grumpiness (not unlike her mother *smirk*) if she doesn't get enough rest.

I have cleaned the kitchen - it was a bloody disgrace. We did the oven this week too with bicarb and vinegar and it is in much better shape. I want to say it's the first time we cleaned the oven since we got it (around seven years ago) but you will think I'm disgustingly dirty and never read again. So I won't say that.

Washing is on the line, hens are clucking happily at the sight of some summer sunshine and babe-in-utero is happy now it has had some well-earned chocolate!

A picture of my handbag with my new brooch from Shell attached to it - really funky!

Hubby is out golfing so I can relax and get at least an hour's worth of peace!

Ahhhhhhh. And relaxxxxxxxxxxxx.


shell said...

Website looks great. Sending kisses to Pheobe (hers tickled my nose) xxx

Becks said...

So I'm not the only cooker cleaning shirker then?
I used to have a teen I could pay to do the job but she now earns more from McD's :-(