Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Even quicker still!

Ok, another hurried blog! I have a few writing deadlines, which are running late, due to one client's rubbish time-keeping, not mine! Why can't people just flippin' do things on time?? It would save my diary looking like the arse-end of paper-shreddings, because of the amount of rubbing-out I've done this last week, re-scheduling and re-arranging. Seriously. Grrrr. 

Anyhoo, here are some of my Chrisumerism makes:

Some turquoise and glass bead earrings for my aunt

Part of the GS season swap for Talie - I was going for it's-friggin'-cold-theme of blue crackle glass earrings

A tree decoration for Talie (there was a bookmark but I can't find a picture so I probably haven't taken one. Biff.

Some freshwater pearls in candy and chocolate, for the mother and MIL

A make for someone 

The finished mice for my pixies 

And their new home

I couldn't get the box out of my head; it's identical to one I had as a child, and I managed to find a vintage one on eBay for pence. Awesome!

Half a scarf I'm crocheting for my big pixie, with some left over wool

And the finished upcycled bags for the pixies, just need to add a flower brooch to them both and tidy up loose thread etc

Both children have worn both pairs of these jeans, before I made them into little bags so they have something to remember if their childhood clothing!

Loose thread waiting to be chopped! The flower lining is from a cord Mini Boden dress that little pixie has grown out of, but managed to stain it so I couldn't pass it on. I'm really pleased with the outcome.

So there you go, nearly done now. Just a little bit of embroidery to finish and then I can relax, collect our new kitten as a surprise for the pixies and celebrate my girl's birthday with some awesome cakey.

Merry Yule and Christmas to you all, have a peaceful New Year, and I'll catch you in 2012 :)


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