Sunday, 30 November 2008

Recycle, Reclaim!

Here are some piccies of my recent jewellery-making session, using reclaimed and recycled materials for the most (save the findings) and have produced some pretty cool bits!

Coolest Blue
A memory coil bracelet consisting of lapis lazuli beads and Czech glass, interspersed with silver mirror-style rocaille beads. Complete with matching lapis lazuli and rocaille bead earrings (all new).

Yuletide Red
A memory coil bracelet consisting of red glass and ceramic decorated beads and interspersed with red rocaille beads. A matching pair of dotted ceramic earrings (reclaimed, aside from findings).

Earthborn Brown
A memory coil bracelet consisting of brown reclaimed glass beads, interspersed with earthy-toned rocaille beads. Completed with a matching pair of earrings (reclaimed, aside from findings).

Silver Gemstone Cuffs
Two silver cuff bracelets; with mixed gem placements of turquoise and jasper - three stones on each cuff (photos to follow - bleedin' camera died at the last minute!)

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