Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dentist rant...

My dentist appointment yesterday turned into a bit of a farce.

Firstly, I was running late. Yes I KNOW that I am ALWAYS late for everything and anything, but this genuinely wasn't my fault. Honestly.

After the husband's omission of his mobile phone, which continuously trilled the annoying ring tone it throws out at 20 decibels, he remembered that he had left his phone at home, while he was 20 miles away.

I had to then wait for husband's colleague to call on his way to work for the phone.

Which, inevitably delayed me leaving the house. Then, child as unbelievable sweet and beautiful as always, needed a poo, I was running about 10 minutes behind.

After telephoning the dentist's surgery, and finding their answer machine on as per usual - they never answer the phone during surgery hours. Great customer care and very helpful. I think not.

Anyhooooo, I dashed into the surgery, where the receptionist (who looked like she should have been in a heavy metal band) was on the telephone. After a few minutes of waiting, it became obvious that this was a personal call, involving her son and college and something to do with credits for a course.

She then paused her telephone call, to hold her hand up to me a la Jerry Springer show-style, and say she needed to re-book me as I missed my slot.

Quietly seething and suddenly wanting to jab her in the eye with the pencil she was writing with, I stood waiting while she actually carried on with her private phonecall!

I muttered several words about her being a heinous something or other and marched out.

One stark and ranting letter to the surgery of complaint, and I felt rather less angry and refreshed. She could have at least spoken to me to explain why I couldn't be seen, or at least had the bloody manners to not conduct personal phonecalls in work time.

Might need to find a new dentist now. Hmmmm....

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