Saturday, 9 August 2008

Cack weather!

Well yet again, it is slashing it down, and our poor hens don't seem to know what to do for the best.

Just been for a lovely rainy walk, and managed to find some lovely blackberries on the way, so picked a clump and shoved them into the rather handy dog poo bag in my pocket.

I had to double-check when I got back that I actually brought the right bag into the house - blackberries, that was, not a bag of stinky doggy poo!

We had a lovely anniversary meal at the local Indian. Our first child-free evening for ages, so we had a load of plans, but still managed to be in bed by 22.00hrs...absolute rebels, I tell you. Personally, I could have crawled into bed about 19.00hrs with some Horlicks and a good book, one has to make the effort eh?

I hope to get some more writing done later. The other half of the Smartie Duo arrived yesterday, laden with ideas and madcap antics where we nearly wet ourselves laughing. A good deal of progress was made, as well as copious amounts of coffee drunk and cakey eaten - a perfect combination.

Golf is also on, so the redundant television has been given a new life for the weekend so dh can watch overpaid men smack balls over fields with sticks. Bless. I might get some brownie points out of it for being such a sweet and understanding wife.

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