Saturday, 16 August 2008


When I was born, my mother said I arrived exactly on my due date, no problems.

I think perhaps, that is the only occasion I have been on time in my whole life. Seriously.

Don't get me wrong, I don't intentionally set out to be late, it just kind of happens.

Take work for example. I only work three days a week (soon to be two days), and start at 10.00hrs - so really, I shouldn't have any issues with being on time. But I always do.

Even if I set the alarm clock to get me out of bed at 03.00hrs, guaranteed, I would be late.

I end up in such a flap, rushing around, chasing child over a mountain of toys to help her to dress and brush her teeth, manage to jump in the shower...only for child to kindly have stripped off again and gatecrash my only two minutes of peace in to declare: "My want to shower with Mummy! Yes, I coming in, yes I am. Don't say I not!"

Who am I to argue?

So, hence the delays of child, dog requiring this that and the other, hens needing food and water for the day and me, forgetting everything (including shoes on one occasion...don't even ask) - I am without fail, always late.

I would like to think it is an endearing quality sometimes, but often, I bet people get really narked with me. Hubby always plans for my rubbish attempts at being on time, and tells me if he's taking me out, to be ready half an hour before I need to be ready. Although I have cottoned on to this one, and still manage not to be on time.

I will promise to work on this shortfall though - I think even I am getting annoyed by it!