Sunday, 17 August 2008

Chill-out Sunday

Today was a great day. Hubby had golf cancelled due to a very soggy course, so we got Daddy all day to ourselves.
We had a lovely family breakfast with yummy fresh coffee made by DH, then it was off upstairs to create a cosy reading/quiet corner for Pixie.

She adores her books and her dollies so we thought she should have a comfy little dedicated space where she could chill and read and play.
This actually turned into a total bedroom rearranging session. We all pitched in and Pixie directed where she would like her furniture to.

Daddy fitted a new daisy light in the corner and we put some cushions and a huge teddy - Peter the Polar Bear in the corner to snuggle in to, with a blanket. Pixie has her little wooden stool there too, where her selected books of the day sit.
She wanted to sleep there too, it was that cosy, but we managed to encourage her into bed for her afternoon nap.

After lunch, we did another blackberry forage - got loads today, and made a scrummy blackberry crumble and some odd little cookie/dusty biscuits. I combined about three recipes for the biscuits and somehow ended up with a weird biscuit thing. Actually tasted quite good though!

I also made a fab Gazpacho (even if I do say so myself!) and will post the recipe here shortly. We had a whole load of organic veggies delivered on Friday so I was quite excited to see what I could make out of them! Sad, I know!


Little Grubs said...

Gazpacho is one of my all-time favourites - haven't made it yet this year though because I've been waiting for the summer! Better get it made before the leaves start turning! x

nocton4 said...

can't wait for the recipe .. yum.
lovely photo, very relaxed.