Friday, 8 August 2008

August 8th 2008

Another lovely morning; bright sunshine and blue skies. No doubt it will be p*****g down by lunchtime though...

Am sat chilling in the conservatory, watching our greedy hens fight each other for the remaining grass that they haven't churned up yet.

Child is still asleep - a marvel in itself, and should really make some breakfast but I cannot be bothered just yet.

Our wedding anniversary is today - five years. We don't do cards or presents as they seem so materialistic, althought I did send dh a rather wonderful poem via text. He said he shed a tear. Probably nearly crashed the car whilst reading it, and the tear was from the almost-crash into the lampost...

Have just been searching for info on how and when to cut lavender. I'm still not 100% whether to cut it yet, because ours has no flowers on it. I shall be prudent and leave it til some flowers blossom. I was going to make some little lavender bags for clothes drawers and some pot pourri.

Am having a bit of a writer's block with our new book, so I am hoping that the wonderful Mr Taylor will be arriving later today to show me some more of his fab illustrations so I can be jettisoned back to creativity.

Harvested some more peas yesterday. That sounds grand doesn't it? Although, the peas are only growing in a little wooden wheelbarrow, not a huge crop like it sounds. We hope to do grand-scale next year.

We baked gingerbread and iced it yesterday. I keep having to remind my dd that while it's ok to lick the spoon once in a while when we are baking, the people we are making the gingerbread for perhaps wouldn't like it bogey-infused....she just stared at me hard, and carried on picking her little nose. Hmmm, so for all those who have actually eaten our gingerbread, I hope you enjoyed the special flavours.


Anonymous said...

Gingerbread and other baked goodies always taste better with that little personal touch =] Happy Anniversary!

Claire said...

Ahhh thanks! It did taste pretty good though, but I am a bit of a cakey fiend! x

Ruby said...

have a look at this site for lavender tips, i searched for ages to find some good info.