Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blackberry foraging..

Our intended rainy day walk wasn't so rainy in the end.

We got all togged up with mac, Wellington boots and umbrellas, only for the sun to come out and make us look a little crazy when we walked down the street dressed for floods and gales. Ho hum, such is the weather in good old Blighty.

We happened upon a mass of blackberries on a little private lane. Actually, I'm not too sure whether we should have been there anyway. Did I see a 'Private Lane' sign? Ne'mind. It's all good. Don't think there was anyone watching...

The hedgerows were quite high up on embankments, and I was balancing dd before she fell into the boggy deep grass and making sure the dog didn't do his own thing as always, and wander off.

Hence me typing with thorny fingers and blackberry-stained hands.

It was worth it though, and we have had berries for our desert. Still lots left but might take dh and dd back later with a box and pick some more for freezing and baking later in the year

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