Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Homophones to Convection...

...are topics we have covered this last week.

The Big Pixie is racing through her English work and absorbing like a sponge, reading out Spike Milligan and giggling at the naughty bits. It helps that English is my passion too, although Husband constantly complains about our creaking book shelves. 

That's what I love about HE. You can go from topic to topic in an instant.

When you have a small girl that is constantly questioning everything though, one needs to be prepared. And most often, I'm not! To my defense, it's usually at bizarre and random times these questions arise, like 07.30hrs and a small girl whispering, "How many homophones are there in English, Mummy?" Oh dear god. Let me wake up first.

So the usual answer is, "Do you not know mummy? Don't worry though, we can just Google it."

Yes, thanks my lovely.


Dawn said...

That sounds like how conversations go in this house too! lol!
And oh yes, if Mommy and Daddy don't know Imogens answer is "lets ask google" ... thank goodness for it too, we've learnt many things we all never knew until the little one raised the question.

Isn't it wonderful though? but maybe not before a coffee ;)

Rose said...

love it! Thats what I like about HE, though thats not the path we will take after september it's a lovely to hear others making it work! :)


Lady Green said...

Yes, I am one for being awake before delving into the depths of encyclopedias! And don't get me wrong - sometimes HE is a nightmare and the children are horrendous and literally driving me scatty! But most of the time, it's rather lovely and heartwarming to be present at their most exciting learning points. It's good for us right now...but who knows what will happen in the future. I am considering returning to Uni to do my Masters so flexi-schooling may be a possibility. We'll see! xxx